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Face Recognition – Computer Vision

Facial recognition lets you personalize the in-store experience using consumer insights and AI. Here’s how it works.  A camera is oriented towards the audience and constantly analyzes a range of attributes, such as gender, age, skin tone, even a person’s emotional state (happy, sad…). In some cases, the camera can also detect the number of persons in a queue and pass this data to software that will calculate the estimated waiting time. Using our QL API, third-party facial recognition systems can trigger the most relevant content instantly according to the data that was retrieved. These systems can also measure the impact of any content displayed during pre-publication testing.

Navori has already integrated QL with NEC Alps and Quividi but our Player API makes it easy to work with other products.

  • NEC’s solution includes a separate device that connects to a Windows media player to send triggering instructions.
  • Quividi software is installed and runs on the Windows Media Player.

Users can trigger content on the Player locally or from QL Server, which means the face recognition system will work on all QL supported platforms, including Android, Samsung and LG branded SoC displays. This flexibility sets QL apart from other solutions.

Operating System Windows Samsung SSSP LG Web-OS Google Android
Face Recognition - Computer Vision with triggering and reporting
✓ Server and Player API
✓Server API
✓ Server and Player API