QL Interactivity between screen, user or third-parties

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QL supports multi-level interactivity.

Interactivity within the Content itself: When working with HTML5 content, any interactivity and behavioral programming is preserved. Simply upload the HTML5 content, publish to your players and use. In this instance, the display connected to the media player hardware will require a touch screen.  Interactive tablets will play this interactive content with no additional requirements.

Content triggered through interaction:  In this instance, we’re triggering content or programs based on a predefined event (key performance indicator or sales levels reached, interaction with a device or smartphone, M2M interaction). QL uses three distinct features to handle these situations:

  • 1/ Machine to machine interactivity: The QL Player API lets you control the content displayed on screen using any third-party system such as face detection software, automobile license plate readers, QSR drive-through order management systems or any IP sensors commonly used in “smart city” applications.
  • 2/ Rule-based interactivity:  Users define their own scenarios and behavioral rules in QL Content Manager using live data feeds. Whenever the proper conditions are met, content will be triggered on one or more players.

Mobile interactivity requires add-on BAP-13 Manager Mobile and BAP-04 Triggered Media API add-ons

Automated and rule-based interactivity requires the BAP-04 Triggered Media API add-on

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Interactivity within the content
QL Manager Mobile interactivity
Machine to machine interactivity from IP devices or systems. QL Server API
Machine to machine interactivity with control from locally connected devices or systems. QL Player API
Rule-based interactivity