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Multi-display, digital menu board and video wall compatible

QL Player Windows is Navori’s proprietary, platform-native software that is ideal for any type of multi-display digital signage.  There is no limit to your creativity.  Play using a single PC high-resolution content over a set of displays of any size.

Navori’s Insane Performance Rendering is a new 64-bit QL Player Add-On called IPR is built on the company’s second generation proprietary rendering engine. The software is certified for displaying digital signage content on 4 outputs, each featuring 4K resolution. By using daisy chain, a single PC is certified for 16 full HD displays showing specific content. It is ideal for  high-end video walls, multi-screen and digital menu boards..

Benefits in using a single PC:

  • No limit in content layout becomes possible. I.e alternate screen specific content  and templates and video or animation playback across all displays.
  • Lower CAPEX
  • Lower OPEX

Recommended hardware PC configuration: Windows 10 Pro, 64bit OS.

Navori QL Player license with add-on BAP-21 / Insane Performance Rendering (IPR).