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IPR Player add-on delivers 8K video on Windows 64 bits

Navori introduces the IPR Player add-on. QL IPR, which stands for “insane performance rendering”, is based on Navori’s second generation proprietary 64 bit rendering engine. This new player software is certified for 8K video playback, with full frame synchronization on a single Windows PC.

This revolutionary software optimizes its use of the PC’s graphics processing unit (GPU) and the central processing unit (CPU) to deliver the fastest and smoothest content playback at extreme resolutions.

Imagine your content running across four – 4K displays or 16 – full HD displays (that’s four, daisy chained Full HD displays per output).

QL IPR is the most efficient and powerful media player software on the market.  In fact, our IPR Player add-on is so efficient, it delivers 8K content while consuming only 20% of CPU resources. With such a massive workspace, you can display a mix of content with perfect frame synchronization.  Combine images, videos, html5 and ticker overlays to deliver rich, compelling content across many ultra-high resolution displays.

This cutting-edge media player is fully compatible with all QL features, including dynamic data feeds, real-time news, social media content, meta-tag support and more!

QL IPR is ideal for…

  • High-end lobby video walls
  • Retail store signage
  • Restaurant menu boards
  • Architectural digital signage installations in hotels and airports
  • Boardroom displays
  • Trade show booth signage