Windows-Android-Samsung Tizen-LG WebOs

QL is a native cross platform player software
All editions share the same features and operate in parallel on the same network.

Up until today, Navori QL is the only digital signage software that offers proprietary, high quality players that can run seamlessly on all platforms while sharing the same features without having to convert or adapt your content.

  • MICROSOFT WINDOWS running on PC hardware is designed for single and multi-display applications, while our latest QL Player software with Insane Performance Rendering (IPR) add-on will render up to four 4K videos with complete frame synchronization.
  • NAVORI’S OWN EXTERNAL MEDIA PLAYER: Stix 3500 is a 4K media player powered by Android and Tizen. This professional-grade, small form-factor device is designed to easily retrofit any type of legacy display (both, traditional or LED).
  • SYSTEM ON CHIP (SoC) screens feature their own embedded media players, that use Android, Tizen or WebOS.  Our QL Player software is available in unique brand dedicated versions, certified by each manufacturer.  This ensures perfect compatibility and optimal performance.
  • BRIGHTSIGN Media Players, all models.