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QL Player add-ons


By default, QL Player core engine supports full screen playback of any content type with basic monitoring, watchdog and display control. These add-ons can be added “a la carte” to a specific license, including post deployment.

Part  number Add-on designation Description
BAP-02 Template Lets users rendering sophisticated templates efficiently.  Templates are saved in the media library and added to playlists like any full screen content.  Templates automatically adjust to the Player’s screen resolution. Users can create templates that span multiple screens (video wall, banner and column screen layouts).
BAP-03 Ticker – titling Tickers are shown on a QL Player’s screen as the topmost layer, floating above any programmed media.  Tickers are not scheduled like traditional media or templates.  Tickers are displayed when any playlist is programmed and/or be shown only during specific playlists.
BAP-04 Triggered Media API Enables to control and trigger content, playlists and program from third party applications using an API. This add-on is required to use QL Remote Controller mobile app.
BAP-05 Advanced monitoring Informs about the Name of the playlist currently running on the Player, event and alert repository through dashboard and e-mail, live screen status using RS232, HDMI-CEC and System on Chip internal communication.
BAP-06 Analytics Sends back to QL Manager the actual playback statistics / impressions related to advertising, full screen and template zone.
BAP-07 TV Tuner (Windows only) Broadcast TV/video feeds: via Hauppauge TV tuner cards – Windows only.
BAP-10 Advertising – Digital Out Of Home DOOH Let’s users create optimized advertising campaigns. Create media planning, predefine the number of impressions, tags, filler content, ad burst with program preview.
BAP-13 QL Manager Mobile QL Manager mobile allows to trigger content, playlist, edit data feed with snapshot direct display and display control: audio level, screen ON/OFF and reboot. Note: User can interact with multiple players / displays at a time.
BAP-14 Multi-Players Content Synchronization Allow any type of content synchronization across multiple players running identical or different OS and screen layout.
BAP-21 Insane Performance Rendering (IPR) Navori’s new 64-bit QL Player Add-On called IPR (Insane Performance Rendering) is built on the company’s second generation proprietary rendering engine. The software is certified for displaying H265 8K@60FPS content on 4x 4K screens (or 16x Full HD screens), with frame accurate synchronization and on a single Windows PC.