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QL Manager – Mobile triggering

Navori Remote Controller - QL RC


Navori QL Remote Controller is an Android app specifically designed for non-desk and offline employees. This software product lets remote staff interact with a company’s digital signage display network in real-time using any Android smartphone or tablet.

QL Remote  Controller lets staff perform a range of tasks while they are out in the field:

  • Access any QL Server hosted content and playlist from their Android device
  • Trigger content in real-time
  • They have complete control over content playback, on-demand.

Here are a few examples…

  • Program content to play only once, or play content until a specific time (say, until
  • Release any previously triggered content and return to normal programming
  • Push content updates to any screen on demand
  • Trigger individual media or a playlist containing several media

All this from any Android mobile device, from any location.


Who is this product intended for?

QL RC is a product that will appeal to corporate customers who want to empower staff in remote
offices, and mobile workers who aren’t assigned to a permanent office or location. Since most
employees already carry smartphones or mobile devices to stay connected with their organizations,
leveraging these devices makes perfect sense.

By letting remote and mobile workers take control of their screens, QL RC can radically change how
organizations manage and display information. For example, staff can launch video training or other
useful content on-demand without having to ask someone at head-office. This product empowers
remote workers, and simplifies the process of requesting and playing content on-demand.



Lets non-desk and offline employees take control of their QL Player network
Staff can manage and trigger content from anywhere using technology they already have
Easy to scale, no limits to the number of remote users accessing the system
Features a simple and super-intuitive Android app that requires no training whatsoever
Employees can react instantly to trigger content as needed
Only authorized persons can access the network and trigger content
Works with any type of content, including interactive HTML5 web content

Typical applications

Many retailers already use digital signage displays in strategic locations throughout their stores. In most
cases, content management and programming happens far from the sales floor. This means content
can’t be easily interrupted or reprogrammed on-demand.

With QL RC, sales associates can trigger specific content on the spot, as needed.

Here are some interesting examples.

A general merchandise retailer installs digital signage displays in their home appliance department.
Since these are big ticket items, customers often spend time enquiring about product features. They ask
questions about comparable products trying to decide which one will meet their needs.

With new product being introduced regularly, it’s difficult for sales associates to keep up. Each product
has its own set of features and benefits. Then there are different warranties, service plans and
financing. What’s worst, retailers are constantly having to deal with staff turnover and it’s difficult to
keep sales associates trained and knowledgeable about certain product lines.

This is where QL RC can help. With QL RC installed on their smartphones, sales associates have access to
an entire library of digital media. With a touch, programmed content is instantly replaced by the
required material so the customer can see the information they need, when they need it. Sales
associates can call up multiple videos, images, even web pages on-demand. Regular programming can
be restored as easily as it is suspended.

And it’s not limited to product information. Staff can trigger in store promotions, contests and more.
This scenario is applicable for a vast range of categories like automobiles, motorcycles, camping
equipment, fishing and hunting gear, and many others. Video game stores can let sales associates
trigger specific video game previews on-demand. The same goes for real estate developers who can
trigger virtual walk throughs of different home models.

Uses extend to other retailers such as supermarkets, fashion stores, and luxury items (watches,
jewellery, etc.).



QL RC is ideally suited for quick service restaurants and hotels. These applications offer many situations
where content can be triggered or swapped out on-demand. For example, restaurant staff can swap out
products or launch specific content on their digital menu boards right from their smartphone.
Management can change promotions on the fly if a product sells out, or they can trigger promotional
content for overstocked items when customers are buying.

Hotels can use QL RC to trigger announcements and communicate with guests during special events.
Staff can perform all this from any location. All they need is a smartphone or tablet, and an internet


Employee facing displays are becoming more common but until now, content had to be programmed
ahead of time, or launched from someone’s workstation. QL RC puts control in the hands of mobile
workers, regardless of their location. Staff can trigger content in a warehouse, from a remote
boardroom or even while on the road. Announcements and important notices can be launched at a
moment’s notice from anywhere. Displays normally used for employee news or information dashboards
can be switched to staff training mode instantly. Regular programming is restored just as easily with a
touch of a smartphone’s screen.


Over the past few years, schools, colleges and universities have been investing in many types of public
alert systems. QL RC can easily complement public information systems by giving authorized personnel
access to a library of alert messages and warnings that can be triggered from a smartphone or tablet.

This feature can turn any digital signage display into an information device, in case of emergency.
Amber alerts, evacuation notices and other important notifications can be triggered and broadcast
instantly on any screen. Once the situation returns to normal, regular programming is restored from
any location.

QL RC can be deployed easily over any size organization. Access to the system is secure and managed
exclusively through the Navori QL CMS.


Digital signage use has been growing in many sectors that were once deemed too harsh for displays and
computing hardware. Today, you will find displays installed in manufacturing facilities, oil and gas
refineries, and mining operations. The various components required for digital signage deployments
have evolved to the point no location is too harsh or too remote. There are weatherproof displays and
hardened PC enclosures that protect delicate electronic components from corrosive gasses, high
humidity and other environmental issues. Wireless networking extends to virtually any location, no
matter how remote. All these factors have contributed to digital signage’s popularity.

Displays are used to communicate with employees, providing critical information where it’s needed.
By enabling remote and mobile workers to trigger content on-demand, we see QL RC taking on a vital
role in these applications. Displays can be switched from programmed information, to employee
training or notification mode instantly, and the process can be repeated as often as required.

QL RC lets the content manager operate from virtually anywhere using any Android smartphone or