High-Performance and Multi-Display Single Media Player

Navori’s Insane Performance Rendering software is a new 64-bit QL Player Add-On built on the company’s second generation rendering engine. This proprietary software can be installed on a single Windows PC equipped with an AMD Radeon WX7100 GPU with 4 multi-display outputs, each able to deliver 4K resolution, total resolution 8K. In a daisy chained display configuration, the software can deliver content across 16 full HD displays. This is an ideal solution for high-end video wallsextra large LED displays and digital menu boards.

Add-on: BAP-23  Insane Performance Rendering (IPR).

Operating System Windows Samsung SSSP LG Web-OS Google Android brightsign
QL Player 64bit Insane Performance Rendering (IPR)
v 8K@60FPS