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Supported content and datafeed


Content Type Format supported natively Windows Android Tizen WebOS
Video MP4 H264 / H265, QuickTime H264 & Windows Media Video
Image PNG with transparency, JPG, BMP
Audio MP3 max bit rate 256 kbps
Template – Ticker WYSIWYG designer to build sophisticated templates, multi-layer, multi-zones of media, playlists, add datafeed with social media and data-grid
HTML Html, Html5, interactivity and authentication supported. Plays URL and download-and-play HTML5 content
Streaming Unicast: HTTP H264 video streams, HTTPS, mms2, RTSP
Multicast: UDP, with H264 codecs @1080P (Tizen via html content)
XML Feed Text, images with transparency supported  ✔  ✔
RSS & Media RSS  ✔
QL Hosted Feed  ✔
Twitter and Facebook  ✔  ✔
Instagram  ✔  ✔
Exchange / Office 365 and Google Calendar feed Shows current and up coming meetings
TV-Tuner (Live TV) Happauge TV Tuner cards (Windows PC only)


QL 2.1 Content and data feed rendering improvements:

  • New support for image and data feed pre-loading.
  • Improved QL Spy software provides enhanced interactivity with third party software application and interactive content.
  • New multi-thread rendering engine supports 4k content at 60fps.



  • Plays HTML5 content perfectly based on Google Chrome browser core. (Android 5+)
  • Ultra-smooth traditional text crawls with transparency support at 2K and 4K resolutions.
  • Enhanced support for RTSP, RTP and UDP streaming video content.
  • QL Content Trigger API.
  • QL Spy enables to alternate scheduled playback with interactive content when user activity is detected (Touch, mouse, keyboard, button…)



  • New multi-threaded rendering engine supports smoother playback and enhanced frame accuracy.  Player can now run four H265, 4k videos fully synchronized (represents 8k total resolution on a single PC).
  • New graph and filter set for mp4 rendering. H265 is now supported.
  • Enhanced support for HTML5 content using Chromium.