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Trigger API

Content and programs can be triggered from any third party device or software that use physical buttons, remote control devices, touch-screens, cameras, temperature and motion sensors, fire alarm systems, GPS locators or any value in a database (XML or other).  By default, QL will play all programmed content according to its assigned schedule. However,  the Trigger API lets QL respond to external events.  When all conditions are met, the Trigger API interrupts all scheduled content and replaces it with the desired content or program.

The Trigger API is delivered with full documentation, sample programs and source codes. Everything is included so you can develop your own triggers in less than an hour.

Trigger content from Windows  Android
NEW! Bluetooth – mobile app triggering √ 
 USB, Keyboard, touch screen, button or hardware trigger  √ 
External application √ 
RFID √  
 Face recognition √ 
 Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems  √  √ 
 Airport √  



Trigger content from external button, third party system or interactive display using QL Player API on Windows and Android.