Content delivery network (CDN)


QL Server can be used with content delivery networks (CDN).  In fact, thousands of players can download content simultaneously in a very short time period, when QL Server is used with a CDN.

CDNs improve performance when distributing content across vast distances (inter-state, or internationally).

Basic Shared Folder CDN /Azure BLOB
2 servers 2 servers 3 servers
Players hosted by QL Server – IIS VM A4 1625 players 3250 players 6000 players
Players downloading concurrently 750 players 1500 players 3000 players
Average CPU usage 90% 90% 90%
Average RAM usage 40% 40% 40%

QL is compatible with Microsoft Azure CDN. It’s the solution we use for our own cloud offering, and it’s an option for QL Server On-Premise customers.

The information in the table above is based on Microsoft Azure CDN.

Size CPU Cores Memory Max IOPS
 A4 8 14GB 8000


Note: The maximum number of players that can download content simultaneously is independent from the number of players the QL platform can manage effectively. It’s quite possible that a single-user configuration could support up to 10 times more players than the above figures, because we assume the platform will be shared by several users whose players won’t download content at the same time.
QL player features a download queuing system that detects when your server encounters a very high number of downloads requests.  When this happens, QL starts queuing content downloads so your server can deliver content beyond your platform’s maximum capacity.