Hosting metrics and costs QL 2.0

Evaluate the hosting cost of your QL configuration if you host the system by yourself on Microsoft Azure.


US$ – Microsoft Azure June 2017 Basic Shared Folder CDN /Azure BLOB
1 Server 2 Servers 2 Servers 3 Servers
Hosted Players 1625 players 3750 players 7500 players 15000 players
Players downloading concurrently 325 players 750 players 1500 players 3500 players
IIS Server VM $248 (A3) $998 (A4 x2) $998 (A4 x2) $1497 (A4 x3)
SQL Server Azure $139 (S3) $431 (P1) $431 (P1) $862 (P2)
Shared Storage / Month / TB $80 $80 $80 $80
BLOB / CDN / Month / TB $19 $19
Total Monthly Cost $467 $1509 $1528 $2458

Note: This configuration is based on a number of players that concurrently download. Your QL Server may host a greater number of players. For instance, operators work with multiple customers that do not update at the same time. In such type of use, 7500 players hosted by QL Server would support 1500 concurrent players downloading. The ratio is 1 out 5.

The above measures  are based on Microsoft Azure offering.

 Size CPU Cores Memory Max IOPS
 A4 8  14GB 8000
A3 4 7GB 4000


Note: The maximum number of players downloading simultaneously is independent from the amount of players the QL platform can effectively manage. It is quite possible that a determined configuration can support up to 10 times more players than the indicated number, because generally a platform is shared by several clients who do not necessarily all download at the same time.
QL player features a queuing system. If your server has to handle a higher number of downloads and reach its maximum capacity, QL software will implement a queuing system for players beyond the maximum capacity of your platform.