Corporations are always on the lookout for new ways to disseminate information. This is why digital signage has been so popular with all types of businesses. Digital signage empowers business communication. Think of data visualisation, production statistics, financial data, sales reporting and employee communication.

Navori QL is extremely effective at delivering this type of content. The QL platform is flexible, secure and easily adaptable to any corporate environment. All forms of corporate data are supported, including data from Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar and external data feeds. Users can even publish notifications using Twitter feeds or data from any source without any programming.

Our web based interface is simple to use and requires no local software on user’s workstations. The result is a highly efficient communication platform that is easy to deploy and requires virtually no maintenance.

Press Release: Optivision Helps Deploy Navori Based Corporate Communication System



Effortlessly manage your digital communication in a tool your team will love to use!


Navori QL is a flexible digital signage solution that will adapt to any type of application.
icon proven benefits Corporate TV LOWER COSTS

Navori QL uses an efficient design and produces exceptional results on low cost Android devices and entry-level PCs.

icon proven benefits Corporate TV IMPROVED EXPERIENCE

Delivers the highest HD broadcast quality on the market. Nothing else compares.

icon proven benefits Corporate TV INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY

Learn how to use Navori QL in hours, not days. Friendly web-based interface.

icon proven benefits Corporate TVINCREASED EFFICIENCY

Navori QL was designed with efficiency in mind. Our software consumes the least amount of bandwidth of any competing product.

icon proven benefits Corporate TV LOWEST OPEX

Benefit from lower training and maintenance costs compared to other digital signage products.

icon proven benefits Corporate TV MULTI-OS SUPPORT

Navori QL Player is available for Windows and Android operating systems.

icon proven benefits Corporate TV INTERACTIVITY

Manage and deploy multimedia kiosks, wayfinding applications and more. Tablets and touchscreens are supported.

icon proven benefits Corporate TV MEET ANY CHALLENGE

Manage any screen configuration to create attention-grabbing video walls and multi-screen menu boards.


Effortlessly manage your digital communication in a tool your team will love to use!


This digital signage player is the perfect companion to QL Cloud or On Premise.

It comes pre-loaded with our software so you get a complete plug and play solution for your screens. The player supports every QL Express / Professional feature and delivers stunning multi-zone, multi-layer, native full HD playback.

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