How To Choose The Best Digital Signage Software

Updated on : 25 June 2021
Published on : 28 January 2021

Digital signage displays have become essential to businesses worldwide. You find them in retail stores, quick-service restaurants, hotel lobbies, and public spaces. These are customer-facing screens that businesses use to promote their products and advertise their services. You also see government institutions and corporate offices that rely on employee-facing screens to keep staff well informed and motivated throughout the day.

Whatever the application, digital signage is used to engage and inform viewers wherever they happen to be. The content may change but the motivation is always the same. Making a connection.

To make this happen, you need a digital signage software platform that is versatile with reliable media players.


If your digital signage CMS is difficult to use or too complex to learn, people will stop using it. You’ll find content updates don’t happen as often as they should. Ultimately your screens will not fulfill their true potential and people will question your investment.

Next is content rendering quality and screen layout flexibility. Are your videos stuttering, or do you see any pixilation in your images when they are shown on screen? Are there black frames that appear during content transitions? Does your digital signage software force you to use a limited set of template layouts? Can you easily switch from multi-zoned content to full-screen programming?

Is your digital signage software scalable, and if so, how easy is it to accommodate a growing digital signage network? Does your media player software support multiple hardware types and operating systems? What about System-on-Chip smart screens with embedded media player hardware?

How easy is it to get support? Is support available locally and/or globally?

This is what differentiates professional digital signage solutions from many free and open-source software products.


Navori QL is a professional-grade digital signage software that has been in development for over 10 years. QL is supported worldwide by a network of partners and Navori’s staff based in Europe, North and South America, and the Middle East.

QL is extremely easy to learn and use. The QL platform is versatile and you have a choice of SaaS and on-premise versions. The QL Player software is compatible with all major hardware configurations and operating systems including Windows PCs, Android devices, and various System-On-Chip screens from renowned brands.

Navori QL includes everything you need to create, deploy, and play any content on any digital signage screen.