Supermarket Signage

The supermarket industry was one of the first to recognize the potential of digital signage and adopt the technology. The importance of communicating media content through digital displays specially in specific areas of a store like point-of-sale, have contributed to a boost in sales, as well as improving the customers […]

Healthcare and Hospitals

In hospitals or clinics digital signage solutions are a great fit for those organizations that are looking to improve their communication and keep its guests informed and entertained. It is an ideal tool in waiting rooms, lobbies, restaurants and to communicate important health issues to the community.   Digital signage can […]

Exhibition, conference & convention center

Exhibition centers count different types of hardware displays to communicate with exhibitors and visitors. Generally you will find massive LED screens outside venues and at the entry of centers; these mainly communicate advertising or special information about the exhibition.   Inside the exhibition centers you generally find screens and displays […]

Stadium Arena

In stadiums today we can find LED billboards and displays everywhere at concession stands, in restaurants, on hallways, in VIP hospitality suites and even in bathrooms. Traditional score boards have been replaced by massive LED displays. These are enormous new opportunities for digital signage.   The rapid growth of digital displays […]

Gyms and Fitness

Visual communication is essential to the gym and fitness centers member experience.  It’s how operators communicate with their members and enhance their experience.   Why?  QL has features that were designed specifically for this application. Here are some examples:   QL helps you enhance your communication across digital displays. QL powered digital signage keeps […]


Digital signage operates in public transportation such as taxi, bus, train, coach, subway and cruising. By extension, digital signage includes waiting and boarding areas, railway stations and airports.   Displays are used to inform and entertain passengers, minimizing the perceived transportation time and enhancing travel experience. The content displayed can be informative […]

Retail and Point of Purchase displays

Digital signage is used as a brand owned private media used by marketers and merchandisers across point of purchase displays. In store signage is a powerful and critical leverage as it’s passing a message just when and where the customer is about to make a purchasing decision.   A Nielsen survey […]

Quick Service Restaurant QSR

Quick service restaurants operate digital signage to power digital menu boards that grab viewer’s attention.  Digital Signage has become a standard in restaurant and QSR locations. It is replacing printed back lite communication by improving flexibility to change menus easily and up-sell and impulse high margin products. Quick Service Restaurants […]

Hospitality and Casinos

Hotels and Casinos understand the benefits of digital signage for their communication with guests and visitors. The use of sign displays in the hospitality industry was adopted very early through digital displays in the hotel lobby, restaurant, wellness areas, conferences rooms and in-room TVs. Concierge desks can advertise information on […]


Digital signage is a friction-less, adaptable and responsive communication channel for governments and public authorities. Displays convey a  message to the audience, informs, and inspires action for civil causes, with minimal cost and outlays maintenance. Most mid-sized to large cities communicate using digital displays in city outlets, museums, police, libraries, […]

Education – Colleges and Universities

Schools and Universities benefit from the use of a Digital Signage by improving communication with students and visitors. Displays remain the most effective way to connect students with the organization’s message. Digital signage has the power to reach a very large and diverse audience in a very effective manner; menu […]

DOOH / Digital Out Of Home and Outdoor signage

Outdoor digital signage is replacing traditional printed billboards. DOOH displays reach consumers outside their homes in various ways with dynamic or linear messages. Outdoor digital signage becomes a must when you target audiences in specific events. This modern communication support enables content rotations, animations, the display of content based on […]

Corporate Digital Signage

The corporate world has embraced digital signage for many years. What started out as a virtual bulletin board across offices has grown into a key corporate communication tool that is used throughout the enterprise.   Every employment department has been touched upon, from sales to manufacturing and from the lobby to […]

Digital Signage Advertising Network Software

Digital Display advertising is a DOOH segment used in public venues such as shopping malls, airports, retail chains, groceries, hospitals, railways and many more. It is intended to improve visitor’s experience by displaying entertaining and live content while running ad space business. Digital signage network operators broadcast two types of […]

Banking and Finance

Many large banks and credit unions rely on QL to communicate with customers and staff.  QL powered displays, video walls and interactive digital signage keep viewers informed about financial services and current promotions.  Screens also display a wide variety of content such as infotainment, live financial data and queuing system information.  This type of content enhances the […]