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Digital Display advertising is a DOOH segment used in public venues such as shopping malls, airports, retail chains, groceries, hospitals, railways and many more. It is intended to improve visitor’s experience by displaying entertaining and live content while running ad space business.

Digital signage network operators broadcast two types of content: Advertising and filler contents such as news, weather, media…

What makes advertising specific from other types of digital signage?
The advertising mindset is different from traditional digital signage. The operator builds a media planning based on a number of ad impressions, and ad slots. No matter how many ads are booked, each screen, LED, or display must play the predefined number of impressions specified by the media planner.
Advertising companies usually market various types of ad space such as print, radio and TV commercials, using an internal ad manager software featuring booking, invoicing… QL offers a software development kit (SDK) which can be interconnected to such systems, in a machine to machine mode.

QL users control the Advertising network from their existing ad management platform, ads and other content are automatically sent to the displays.

Navori QL software lets you provide each advertiser with their own private network, effectively isolating them from each other. Customers operate autonomously, freeing up valuable IT resources for other tasks.
End users are presented with a simplified dashboard that is easy to learn and use making the software attractive for both end users and advanced users. User right profiles ensure only authorized personnel can interact with the system creating an extremely secure and reliable environment.

Navori QL has been designed for digital advertising networks.

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Proven benefits


Draw attention to passer-byes with attractive displays


Increase brand appeal and enhance your product recognition.


Stop consumers dead in their tracks with visual appealing animation and effective information.


Showcase various types of media including video's, images, social media to attract all types of consumers.