The corporate world has embraced digital signage for many years. What started out as a virtual bulletin board across offices has grown into a key corporate communication solution that is used throughout the enterprise.

Every employment department has been touched upon, from sales to manufacturing and from the lobby to the factory floor.  Companies all over the globe currently rely on digital signage software to inform and motivate both staff and customers.

Many HR departments rely on Navori QL for their corporate communication needs.  QL is a complete corporate internal communications solution that lets companies distribute targeted information and engaging content throughout their facilities.
Organizations are always on the lookout for new ways to disseminate information.  QL QL Corporate tv software use across digital displays are useful for KPI, production metrics, financial data and sales dash board. QL displays live data from all corporate databases such as ERP, CRM, SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and Google calendar and social media.

Corporate communications in digital signage use displays, video walls, outdoor LED, tablets, mobile devices and more. Displays are usually placed in locations where there is high employee traffic; company lobby, way-finding, meeting rooms, break-room, production line, call center and after-sales facilities.

QL Content manager is built for ease of use, so non-technical employees can create and update content with zero ramp up. Content and program management is shared within the organization. Users are assigned a role with rights. Digital display shows smart content dynamically  based on date, time, validity, zone or domain.

Content can be any type such as data feed, video, streaming to broadcast live events, templates, HTML and interactive content. QL can trigger alert messages based on data or initiated by fire alert or evacuation systems.

Keep your staff informed and engaged with digital signage for corporate communications.

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    Grab staff members attention and motivate them at any moment. Keep staff up-to-date on current trends, social committee activity and news within the company.


    Reinvent effective and appropriate corporate information.

We provide all in one tech solution for the complex needs of the digital signage industry.

With QL Server SDK and QL Player API, personalize and add-value to your signage system.

Navori provides dedicated training and consultancy. Our experience is deployments helps to secure processes and time frame.

Navori supports QL either from your territory, speaking your language and sharing your time zone or globally for international deployments.