Hotel Digital Signage

QL-powered hospitality digital signage displays can be installed in lobbies, elevators, spas, gyms, meeting rooms and restaurants. Using digital signs is a reliable and cost-effective way to improve the guest experience by delivering all the information a property owner wants to share.Easily convert existing displays and media players to QL, or start fresh with Navori’s QL Stix Android player featuring 4K support. QL’s multi-platform capabilities lets you choose the right media player hardware for your application. You can even use touch screens and multi-screen video walls as a part of your comprehensive digital signage software package.

Hotels, convention centers and resorts worldwide use Navori QL digital signage software to manage their facilities, to promote special events and brands, and to improve the overall experience for hotel guests.

Are you thinking of incorporating digital signage solutions on your property?

Here’s what QL can do for you:

  • Welcome hotel guests and help them get more comfortable on each visit.
  • Use digital signage for hotels to build up and promote your brand.
  • Run external ad campaigns for guests at your hotels.
  • Inform guests of the latest promotions and new available amenities.
  • Synchronize content across multiple media players. Digital signage for hotels is especially necessary in large open spaces where you have multiple displays showing the same content.
  • Provide local news, weather and traffic information.
  • Deliver high-quality content to individual screens, touch screens and video walls.
  • Adapt your programming to each area such as the hotel lobby and restaurant specials on elevator screens.
  • Inform groups about ongoing meetings, events and conferences.
  • Advertise nearby attractions, restaurants and experiences.
  • Trigger emergency messages or critical information from any location via smartphone or tablet.
  • Keep staff informed with employee-facing digital signage screens.
  • Use any hardware – QL supports many platforms, including “smart” System-on-Chip displays that are proven to be cost-effective, easy to install and very reliable. Microsoft Windows, and Google Android are also supported, as is Navori’s own Android powered QL Stix media player.
Elevator Digital Signage Display


QL incorporates many features that are especially useful in digital signage for hotels and convention centers.

Digital Signage Display in Hotels and Lobbies

Use conditional triggering or rule-based playback to display any content on-demand at your hotel.

Interrupted current programming to display time-sensitive information, urgent messages or alerts.

Use QL Mobile to trigger content or edit data feeds with a smartphone or tablet. This feature can be extremely useful for on-demand content at a hotel or spa. For example, spa staff can launch videos that describe available services and pricing.

Play fully synchronized content across every screen at your hotel. This is ideal for large halls where many displays are within view.

Display hotel directories and wayfinding info with touch screens so hotel guests can switch from promotional content to wayfinding instantly.

Update information dynamically. Show data from any source: point-of-sale, hotel room booking system, schedules, hotel event calendars, social media and more.

Frequently Asked questions

What is Hotel Digital Signage used for?

Digital signage is primarily used to inform and entertain guests. However, employee-facing displays are also commonly used for staff training and information. Each area can receive its own dedicated programming mixed with shared, global content. Interactive screens are also used for wayfinding and delivering on-demand information to guests and visitors.

How do I know if hotel digital signage is a good option for my business?

Any business that caters to the public can benefit from digital signage. The hospitality industry has already proven digital signage is a very effective way to communicate with guests and visitors. It’s also extremely useful for brand-building.

What kind of content can I use for hotel digital signage?

Guests at hotels need access to current information like weather forecasts, news, events, hotel promotions and local attractions so it’s a good idea to include these in your digital signage programming. Digital signage at hotels can also be used to create a mood or reinforce a brand. The creative use of promotional content and loyalty program information can also be quite useful at hotels.

Where can hotel digital signage be used?

Digital signage can be deployed in every area, from the lobby to the lounge and spa. Weatherproof LED boards can be installed on exterior pylons and building facings to provide any additional channel of information for passing traffic.