DOOH / Digital Out Of Home and Outdoor signage


Outdoor digital signage is replacing traditional printed billboards. DOOH displays reach consumers outside their homes in various ways with dynamic or linear messages. Outdoor digital signage becomes a must when you target audiences in specific events. This modern communication support enables content rotations, animations, the display of content based on rules and media sophisticated strategy.


Originally located in flagship areas such as New York Times Square, Las Vegas strip, London Piccadilly or Tokyo Shibuya crossing you realize how huge the impact of digital signage advertising combined with outdoor LED displays is.

Digital billboards are now deployed over private media channels in commercial areas, cities, government, and tourism communication.


Benefits of outdoor digital billboards for DOOH are…

•    Get rid of printing and on the field logistics lags.
•    Publish your campaigns instantly.
•    Tag screens with specific information depending on their location.
•    Implement a sophisticated media strategy (predefined impression per advertiser).
•    Day parting: adjust displayed content based on time slot, week day, weather and event.
•    Trigger API real-time information alerts, or live TV breaking news.
•    Let the audience interact with the LED displays.


Digital Out Of Home DOOH has really taken Digital Signs and Billboards to the next level!

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Proven benefits


Retain and attract eye attention.


Offer new ways to interact with mixed audiences.


Feature live information and typical content.


Amaze and surprise with pop-eyed announcements.