Digital out of Home advertising uses Digital Signage to power indoor and outdoor screens

Screens are being used increasingly often to display advertising content in public places like public transport hubs, shopping centers or simply in the street, using outdoor LED screens. Navori is currently the only software manufacturer offering a solution meeting all operational requirements, with digital signage software, Navori QL, a module specifically designed for the sale and management of advertising campaigns, and computer vision software, Aquaji, which analyses performance in terms of the audience and its characteristics. The two software packages work hand in hand, providing advertisers not only with dissemination reports, but also indicators on audience age, gender, attention span and conversion.

Outdoor LED Signage Display for transportation

QL delivers the features advertisers and marketers need for successful digital out-of-home campaigns

IKEA Avignon Led Display Advertising

How does digital signage apply when used in advertising?

The advertising operations manager develops a media plan, with advertising and entertainment content. The advertising element is composed of several periods of time, each of which has slots of 10 or 15 seconds reserved for advertisements.

Navori QL calculates the guaranteed number of displays per advertisement, however many slots have actually been sold. When the advertisements are displayed, QL ensures that the timing of the appearance of each advertisement is spaced evenly throughout the period. Available advertising space can also be connected to platforms for the sale of such space, which can then sell the advertisements to be disseminated through your network of screens via the QL Server API module.


Available advertising space can also be connected to platforms for the sale of such space, which can then sell the advertisements to be disseminated through your network of screens via the QL Server API module.

The Future is Here

Aquaji, the computer vision software developed by Navori, can be used not only to provide advertisers with audience statistics but also to adjust the programming of advertisements in real time depending on the characteristics and interests of the audience passing in front of the screen.

Screen and hardware architecture for DooH

The screens used can be of any type, depending on the environment in which they operate. Advertising operations managers prefer multi-platform software such as Navori QL, which disseminates content on screens of any make and any architecture: SoC or screens with either an integrated media player or an external media player such as Windows PC, Android or Brightsign. Another advantage of Navori QL is native support for LED screens with Pixel Perfect technology and its capacity to display content with very high resolution, 8k and synchronize several media players to manage screens with very large dimensions.

Finally, the option offered by Navori QL of self-hosting the digital signage server is very often taken up by advertising operations managers, who wish both to keep their activities confidential and to use API to integrate their system with internal reservation platforms.

Frequently Asked questions

What is Outdoor Digital Signage Used for?

Digital signage solutions or Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) is mostly used for advertising on dynamic billboards. However, outdoor displays are also popular with sports stadiums, QSR drive-throughs, banks, hotels and transportation hubs such as airports, train or bus stations.

How do I know if an outdoor display is a good option for my business?

Digital signage designed for outdoor environments is recommended for anyone who wants to engage or inform an audience. Obviously, advertising comes to mind – but there are many other potential applications as well.

For example:

  • Banks may want to display daily interest rates and other timely information
  • Restaurants promote daily specials or introduce new meal options
  • Car dealerships present new car models, financing rates and promotions
  • Sports venues and arenas can announce events and shows

Anyone who needs to communicate with the public can benefit from this technology.

What kind of content can I use for outdoor digital signage?

Thought should be given to the size and composition of the audience. Also consider the demographics and the location of the outdoor display, as all these factors will come into play when it’s time to choose the type of content you should use.

Content destined for large format LED signages (such as a billboard next to a busy highway) should be short and avoid too much text. Images would work best in this scenario but a short video clip can also work.

These video clips can also be used in other outdoor locations, depending on the type of location, audience dwell time and amount of traffic. For example, if your sign is located at a busy intersection, you may want to display longer running outdoor content to take advantage of drivers waiting at a traffic light.

Where can outdoor digital signage be used?

Locations for outdoor digital displays are often dictated by the display technology itself. For example, common LED displays aren’t always sufficiently bright in full sunlight, sometimes appearing washed out and difficult to read. For this reason, care must be taken when selecting locations for these types of outdoor digital displays.

If you haven’t already purchased your outdoor display, make sure you select a product that is suitable for the mounting location. Fully exposed displays must be able to deliver a sufficiently bright image so it can be viewed in bright sunlight. Also ensure the display is sufficiently weatherproof for your location. Hardware used in northern climates must be able to withstand extreme cold, whereas other locations may require protection against extreme heat or humidity.

Always respect local laws and regulations when determining the final location for your displays.