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Schools and Universities benefit from the use of a Digital Signage by improving communication with students and visitors. Displays remain the most effective way to connect students with the organization’s message.

Digital signage has the power to reach a very large and diverse audience in a very effective manner; menu boards in food courts,  stadiums, information displays in lobbies and common areas, sporting events and wayfinding across the campus are among the most popular used.

Benefits in using digital signage in the education are…

•    Welcome students and provide information about courses / classes.
•    Tag displays with specific information depending on their location.
•    Provide news, sports updates and upcoming events.
•    Guide students through complex campuses using way-finding.
•    Show pictures and videos to tell stories of Alumni and history of university.
•    Trigger emergency messages, or live TV breaking news.

Multiple users are granted roles to the content management, creation and datafeed. Employee or students have a predefined domain of capabilities such as a department. The organization controls the global communication.

QL integrates automated notification systems to communicate emergency messages across your entire network.

The applications of signage on campus are truly limitless. We see new innovative uses for digital displays each day as schools and universities strive to use technology to connect with students and reduce the use of paper.

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Proven benefits


Share every day campus life.


Inform students on important precautions to consider.


Dedicated software supported on digital displays, LED outdoor billboards, Menu boards, video walls or tablets.


In case of emergency broadcast evacuation measures.