Show students announcements, class schedules, notices, and news, while staff typically require access to administrative information

Digital Signage in Education typically require an intuitive tagging support ensures the right content is always shown on the right screen. Our QL digital signage software also integrates with automated notification systems to communicate emergency messages across an entire school network instantaneously.

Alerts can be triggered from any external source, including RSS feeds, CAP feeds, social media, and school-managed data feeds. With its user-friendly HTML5 user interface, QL Content Manager can be used by students and staff alike.

Users can log in from their web browser; there is no local digital signage software to install or maintain. Active Directory / single sign-on is supported as are QL managed user accounts.

Digital Signage in University of Argentina

Product Features

Digital signage for school communications will be easily managed. QL is extremely versatile, user-friendly and secure. This is why so many educational institutions rely on it for all of their screen-based communications. Here's how our digital signage works:

QL features an easy to use template and ticker designer that anyone can use. Templates can display a mix of media and live information on screen at the same time. Live tickers can be positioned anywhere on screen for a permanent news and information channel while other content plays on screen.

Tagged content will always be shown to the right audience. Content tagged as public will only be shown on public screens while untagged content can play anywhere.

Screens and content can be managed based on their location, usage or any other criteria. Authorized users can publish to every screen, specific groups of screens or individual locations at any time.

User profiles and domains ensure users can see only the areas they are given access to, and they can use only the features associated with their profile.

Students can be given restricted access, so they can only update specific information on certain screens or in a QL Server hosted data feed.

QL features its own authorization system where a dedicated content manager must approve content before it can be shown on screen.

Navori's digital signage software is guaranteed to improve the efficiency of schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital signage for schools helps them to organize, inform, and entertain students, visitors, and school staff. The primary function of the system is to provide updated information about class schedules, events, announcements and emergencies.

Students should be encouraged to collaborate in their school’s digital signage programming in the same way they do with other school publications. QL digital signage software features a content approval system and other administrative measures so that only staff-approved content can be shown on the school’s screens.

QL supports images, video, audio, web pages including HTML5 content, streaming video and live data from various sources like RSS/XML. QL Server hosted data feeds, social media feeds from Facebook and Twitter, Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange data are also available ‘out-of-the-box’. QL also supports multi-layered templates and ticker overlays users create using built-in design tools.

Interactive displays are used for wayfinding and information kiosks throughout the campus, such as in school entrances and atriums. Multi-display/video wall installations can often be found in cafeterias and gymnasiums while more traditional signage is usually distributed across the rest of the facility. Use employee-facing screens to deliver administrative content while sending students class scheduling instructions and school news through screens installed in hallways and other common areas. Digital signage software makes everyone’s life easier.

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