Use screens to inform Exhibition, conference & convention center visitors

Create an inviting atmosphere for your information nodes at convention centers to provide live information and status updates on your digital signs. Improve each attendee’s experience at the conference or in convention centers with interactive wayfinding information so they can navigate your facilities with ease any time they need.

Easily manage multi-screen video walls and large-scale LED screens at your events. Create feature walls that attract and retain attention. Build memorable experiences for every conference visitor. Synchronize your media across multiple players to deliver a more engaging and professional viewing experience.

Manage your exhibitor advertising and increase your revenues. Insert ads into your regular programming and reach your advertisers targets with QL’s built-in campaign management tools.

Stay on top of each device’s health and performance at any of your events.

QL Digital Signage for Exhibition Center

Product Features

QL offers all the features you need to inform, engage and entertain visitors and exhibitors alike, whether you're at convention centers, tradeshows or meeting halls.

Modify your schedules with a few mouse-clicks. QL Content Manager’s intuitive drag n’ drop user interface lets authorized staff update your on-screen programming quickly and effectively.

QL’s content validity feature lets you pre-program content and set expiration dates in advance so your notices and ads are removed automatically at the end of each event.

Use QL’s built-in template and ticker design tools to create sophisticated layouts on your digital signs in just minutes. Merge content, graphics and text into an engaging layout to keep visitors engaged and informed.

Display live RSS / XML data feeds, social media posts from Facebook and Twitter at convention centers, as well as meeting schedules for convention guests by linking Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange.

Trigger or add any content to your programming based on predefined rules. Display event notices, announcements, emergency messages or alerts without any user intervention.

Display content at very high resolutions with QL Player I.P.R.. This proprietary 64-bit Windows based player engine lets you display content on an 8K video wall or a cluster of four 4K screens off a single PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Convention centers use digital signage to display visitor-focused content that entertains and informs. During show set-up and outside visitor hours, digital signage screens assist convention organizers and exhibitors with instant messages, instructions and informational updates.

Digital signage is the perfect communication and advertising tool for convention center operators and trade show organizers:

  • Exhibitors at any event can take advantage of ad packages to market their products during an event, instantly increasing your ROI.
  • Provide for co-branding opportunities and adapt the content prior to each event.

Trade show content is provided by show organizers and exhibitors alike. Consider social media content to provide live updates and attendee feedback on and around the show floor. Adapt the content duration to match the target location. Use shorter content where there is heavy traffic for example.

Digital signage displays are installed at each event’s entrance point, deployed inside halls and near meeting rooms. Ideal locations are where there is the highest foot traffic as well as near food courts and snack bars where people tend to congregate during a convention.

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