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  • Digital signage is a friction-less, adaptable and responsive communication channel for governments and public authorities.

Displays convey a  message to the audience, informs, and inspires action for civil causes, with minimal cost and outlays maintenance.

Most mid-sized to large cities communicate using digital displays in city outlets, museums, police, libraries, swimming pools. The city’s IT department hosts the technology and delegates content management to each location.

Public displays deliver new messages, services, opportunities, and bulletins in one language or many.
Content played can be both location/screen specific and global.

The technology helps government agencies and non-government organizations (NGOs) effectively and efficiently improve communication with citizens in their facilities.

Benefits in using government signage are:

• Tag displays with specific information depending on their location.
•    Educate and inform citizens waiting in long lines at busy locations.
•    Provide improved services to foreign visitors who speak different languages and hearing-impaired.
•    Interactive media, way finding. Live TV, news/weather information.
•    Deliver messages, holiday notices, and event information to public service employees.
•    Save money on costly media print changes, updates can be sent in seconds.

Multi-level and multi-user communication enables city related content along with site or screen specific programs.



    Showcase community messages and provide useful information.


    Provide reassuring instructions and warnings.

We provide all in one tech solution for the complex needs of the digital signage industry.

With QL Server SDK and QL Player API, personalize and add-value to your signage system.

Navori provides dedicated training and consultancy. Our experience is deployments helps to secure processes and time frame.

Navori supports QL either from your territory, speaking your language and sharing your time zone or globally for international deployments.