Government Digital Signage

Keep your community and staff better prepared and properly informed with Navori QL Digital Signage for government.


Government agencies have a constant need for reliable and effective communication strategies and solutions. QL’s digital signage delivers the features and performance every level of government needs to reach their internal and external communication goals.

Navori QL Digital Signage Software provides immediate benefits that are uniquely useful to government departments as well as municipalities:

  • Our software’s web-based UI is easy to use and simple to learn. No technical skill or software installation required.
  • Administrators can easily manage hundreds of users. Active Directory and ADFS are provided natively for single sign-on.
  • Our software is extremely secure. Passwords are encrypted and user logins can be restricted to specific IP addresses.
  • Administrators create user roles based on each staff member’s responsibilities. For example, restrict technical information and system access to IT personnel while giving managers the ability to only upload new media and create playlists on your digital signage with ease.
  • Keep your community and staff informed with live data feed support for internal communication, live news and other important information or available services.
  • QL digital signage is compatible with all approved emergency messaging systems and protocols such as the Common Alerting Protocol. Trigger alerts in real-time and keep your audience safe at all times.
  • Reduce perceived wait times with information that adapts to the current situation. QL can display info based on attendance, time of day, special events, and other factors. Trigger custom notices or instantly add more entertaining content during busy periods with QL’s Computer Vision add-on.

Product Features

QL can deliver any type of information efficiently and in a secure manner.

  • On-site staff can manage their digital signage locally using QL Mobile. This HTML5 app lets authorized staff take control of any screen from their smartphone or tablet. They can trigger content, edit data feeds, control the sound and turn screens on/off.

  • QL includes a built-in template designer that anyone can use to create professional layouts with a mix of media types: video, images, web pages, graphic overlays, content zones and live data feeds (RSS, XML, QL server hosted data, social media feeds from Facebook and Twitter, Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange data).

  • Utilize the template designer to display live data in tables or individual feeds. Create court information signs that show case numbers, court dates, wait times and other information. Display building directories for visitors, provide meeting schedules, interactive wayfinders and more.

  • Staff members can assign tags to players and content alike. When the player and content tags match, that information is shown on screen. You use this feature to enforce where content can play (for example, only show public content on publicly visible screens).

  • QL Player can trigger any content from a touch screen or sensor (motion/gesture detection). Create interactive wayfinding signage and information kiosks for your office lobby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital signage for government can be used for communication, for emergency alerts, and for audience engagement, to both the public and in government offices and government facilities alike. Digital signage displays deliver relevant information based on a screen’s location, its use case, or its target audience.

Any group or organization that needs to communicate with the public or staff can benefit from digital signage. Eliminate the need (and the wait) involved in printing traditional signs for staff and visitors – go digital instead! Digital messaging can be in the form of general information and schedules, to display emergency alerts, as wayfinding for people in search of services, and for health and safety notices for both visitors or staff.

Display announcements, community updates, schedules, social media updates and other live information that is updated in real time. You may also include weather forecasts, promote local sporting events, entertainment venues and more.

  • Administrative offices
  • Lobbies and hallways
  • Arenas and fitness centers
  • Armed forces recruitment offices
  • City hall
  • Community centers
  • Courthouses
  • Employment centers
  • Interpretation centers
  • Police / Fire and Rescue stations
  • Public health offices
  • Public libraries
  • Public transit offices
  • Vehicle registration centers
  • Waste and recycling centers

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