Gyms & fitness centers use Digital Signage to improve member’s experience and efficiency

Motivate, engage, and inform your members and staff with live content

Fitness centers are characterized by large surface areas used by many members at the same time under the supervision of a small number of employees. Staff need support in the form of information, communication and motivation: this is where digital signage comes in.

Digital signage is used to improve the members’ experience, to stay in touch with them every time they visit, to keep them informed, to make their life easier, and provide added value to the service they receive from the center.

Digital Signage Software for Gym & Fitness Center

Product features

Our QL fitness center and gym signage provides the following:

Content automation - Activity booking

Navori provides a specialized service to gym club networks with its digital signage software Navori QL. A network can be made up of several thousand centers, each with a number of different areas: workout rooms, gym equipment, relaxation areas etc. Each center and each screen is linked to a central system that lists all the upcoming events for each room with a photo of the trainer, and the times and location of the lesson: this is content automation. Navori QL provides an API server to facilitate content automation from the management software of gyms and fitness centers.

For example, Life Time Fitness, which has been using Navori for many years, has developed its own backend that lists all the activities and holds photos of the staff at all of its centers. This backend communicates with the Navori QL software to pass display instructions configured specifically for each screen and room.

Thanks to the digital signage, members can find out about the various activities and where they are being held, as soon as they arrive.

Standardize content across branches

Gyms and fitness centers also create general content on topics such as values, health advice, membership terms and conditions, promotional offers and new activities that will soon be available to members. A center might offer an activity that is not necessarily available in others.  The use of tags in the CMS makes it possible to automate the content so that the display is adjusted to suit the characteristics of the center.


The interactivity offered by the software is very popular with staff at fitness centres who use their smartphones to interact with one or more screens, edit the content or publish a message to announce the start of a lesson. Staff can also trigger streaming of video content. Members interact via a tablet in the rooms to start the content of the exercise they self-selected.

Advertising - Audience measurement

Fitness centers also display advertising content on their screens. The nature of the activity offers maximum exposure to the screen. Navori QL software offers a module designed to manage advertising campaigns, create media plans, and communicate with platforms programmed by third parties responsible for selling the space. Linked with the Aquaji software, the gyms can improve the value of their space by providing their advertisers with statistics on the age and gender of the audiences reached for each advertisement displayed. The metrics generated by Aquaji allow advertisers to calculate the Gross Rating Point (GRP) and the cost per useful view.

How Gym centers use screen?

The screens used range from tablets positioned on a counter or at the entrance of a workout room, to smaller and larger LCD screens. They are placed in virtually every room so that every member can see them whilst they exercise. Certain pieces of exercise equipment also incorporate screens used for digital signage.
Gyms and fitness clubs also use screens in their workout rooms for self-service. Each room has a large screen linked to an interactive touchpad used by the members and the instructor to select the exercise of their choice, which is displayed instantly.

Health centers use screens in relaxation and refreshment areas, to announce new activities and upcoming events or to reinforce their members' motivation.

Frequently Asked questions

What are the recommended uses for digital signage in gyms and fitness centers?

Gyms and fitness centers have a constant need for informative, entertaining, and motivational content. They must display fitness class schedules and provide a steady flow of health and exercise information. Advertising revenues are also very important to the health of the enterprise, so it’s important to select a digital signage solution that can manage ad campaigns and deliver proof-of-play reports quickly and efficiently.

How do I know if fitness center digital signage is a good option for my business?

Digital signage is a great way to build your brand and connect with your members. It will let you entertain and motivate people, so they can get the best possible results when visiting your fitness center. Digital signage will inspire, motivate, and inform your members.

What kind of content can I use for fitness center digital signage?

You can use any fitness-related content (audio, video, images, websites, and live data). Content can be sourced internally (corporate videos), sponsored by fitness equipment manufacturers, health supplement providers, sports clothing manufacturers, and other related businesses. Music videos and audio clips are also suitable for your digital signage programming.

Where can fitness center digital signage be used?

Any gym and fitness center area can benefit from digital signage.

  • Locker rooms
  • Fitness classrooms
  • Equipment/bike room
  • Free weight room
  • Lobby
  • Nutrition/beverage area
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Training/yoga room