Motivate, engage, and inform your members and staff with live content

To truly be effective, fitness centers and gyms must provide personalized services and useful information that help clients get through their routines quickly and efficiently. In order to accomplish this, management needs intuitive tools to provide motivational messages and music videos, deliver information about upcoming classes, and advertise promotions for nutritional supplements. It’s all about building solid relationships and keeping members informed and engaged.

Successful gyms and fitness centers understand the power of screen-based communications. It’s why so many rely on QL digital signage software to manage simple or complex programming and deliver content across multiple sites or to targeted areas inside each site.

Display information from real-time data feeds, including social media or up-to-date personal training and fitness class schedules from Google Calendar, Office 365, or proprietary/third-party databases. Interface with popular health apps and custom third-party software to deliver personalized content, like training routines and health-related tips.

Trigger content to reward members (congratulate performance milestones and anniversaries) to foster engagement and increase brand loyalty.

Digital Signage Software for Gym & Fitness Center

Product Features

Our QL fitness center and gym signage provides the following:

Use QL’s AI-powered, rule-based features to display on-demand content without any staff intervention. Content instantly adapts to any criteria (weather conditions, room availability, fitness performance, and more).

QL can trigger content or add/remove content from your programming in real-time.

Built-in support for external data feeds, including Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange Calendar with no coding knowledge required. RSS, XML, and social media feeds from Twitter and Facebook are also supported, so you can display curated, user-generated content on your QL screens.

Staff can also manage and update data feeds created and hosted in QL. These data feeds are accessible to authorized users using a regular or data-only account.

QL includes a user-friendly template design tool, so anyone can create multi-zone layouts without leaving their web browser. QL templates can display multiple content zones, text, and live data simultaneously. Create any layout: live schedules, directories, and information boards with no special skills required.

QL’s ticker designer lets staff create news and information overlays that can appear anywhere on screen. Display live news or any information across the bottom of your screens while other content is playing.

QL offers an API for third-party software/hardware integration. Automate any QL Content Manager process (for example, import and schedule content from a custom room booking app) using the QL API.

Large fitness center chains can manage multiple sites efficiently. Create chain-wide programs and deliver corporate content across every site while allowing some local control to individual locations. Each site can insert local content for promotions and events into the corporate program.

Personal trainers and other staff members can use smartphones and tablets with the QL Mobile app to take control of any screen. They can trigger content on-demand, edit data feeds, and control the display from any mobile device and there is no software to install or maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gyms and fitness centers have a constant need for informative, entertaining, and motivational content. They must display fitness class schedules and provide a steady flow of health and exercise information. Advertising revenues are also very important to the health of the enterprise, so it’s important to select a digital signage solution that can manage ad campaigns and deliver proof-of-play reports quickly and efficiently.

Digital signage is a great way to build your brand and connect with your members. It will let you entertain and motivate people, so they can get the best possible results when visiting your fitness center. Digital signage will inspire, motivate, and inform your members.

You can use any fitness-related content (audio, video, images, websites, and live data). Content can be sourced internally (corporate videos), sponsored by fitness equipment manufacturers, health supplement providers, sports clothing manufacturers, and other related businesses. Music videos and audio clips are also suitable for your digital signage programming.

Any gym and fitness center area can benefit from digital signage.

  • Locker rooms
  • Fitness classrooms
  • Equipment/bike room
  • Free weight room
  • Lobby
  • Nutrition/beverage area
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Training/yoga room

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