Digital Signage for Hospitality Industry

Hotels and Casinos understand the benefits of digital signage for their communication with guests and visitors.
The use of sign displays in the hospitality industry was adopted very early through digital displays in the hotel lobby, restaurant, wellness areas, conferences rooms and in-room TVs.
Concierge desks can advertise information on tickets to shows, attractions, and other events. Hotel specials and other services specific to your location can be looped in for maximum exposure. Content is often fed through data feeds so changes are instantaneous across multiple facility areas.

Benefits of digital signage in hospitality and casinos are…

•    Help guests feel more in tune with the hotel.
•    Buildup key aspects of the brand.
•    Communicate about offerings and amenities.
•    Display special messages to welcome groups, events and conferences.
•    Trigger emergency messaging or critical event from any smartphone.

Digital signs are flexible, smart. Content is automatically displayed based on time, date, tags and display location.
Special events are added in advance, automatically enable and disabled on appropriate screens resulting in downsizing administrative costs and reassignment of some employee.

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