For retailers, what are the benefits in using Digital Signage screens?

QL’s retail digital signage turns any screen or LED signage board into an efficient sales and marketing tool.

As a retailer, I’ve always use traditional marketing tactics to encourage customers to visit my store and engage with my brand. Television commercials, newspaper and magazine advertisements, targeted web-based ads etc. are all ways that we as retailers encourage our potential customers to visit our stores. Shouldn’t we then pay as much attention to how we interact with our customers once they actually do come to our stores?

That is exactly where I rely on digital signage, during their visits. Digital Signage displays are used as an efficient and engaging way to communicate with our most important assets, our customers.

More on how Digital Signage works for Retail

Understanding Point-of-purchase Displays

Explore some of QL’s retail focused features.

Engage, Promote and Attract

The first aim is to display and promote relevant products. For the clothing and luxury goods inductries, displaying the latest collections and newest trends is always a real plus for the visitors. Products displayed on screen remind and encourage the visitor, who can then, depending on their level of interest, look at the physical product by going to the shelves. If products the customers did not expect to see are presented on the screens, the value of the store’s average transaction is increased. Digital Signage displays are also useful for communicating with customers about services and promotions.

The advantage of screens compared to printed communications media is without doubt their versatility and the speed at which you can make changes without any added cost or delay. With mobile QL Manager software, staff can use their smartphones to control content, publish express messages and deal with any ‘business situations’ in seconds.

Creating an attractive, inviting and exciting environment for customers who live in a digital world is another key goal. From now on, the brand image of my store will be driven by video and dynamic content. It is no longer only about promoting products, but also about creating an attractive environment with strong brand values.

Digital Signage displays can also act as a valuable medium for interaction between staff and customers. With QL Mobile, staff can use screens as a communications medium. Imagine that a sales representative wishes to show a customer a product that is out of stock. The member of staff uses their mobile to search for the product in question and can then show it to the customer on-screen. This functionality is very useful to car dealers, who often sell vehicles that they do not necessarily have in stock.

Improve your ROI

Stores which sell a number of different brands can sell advertising space in order to further increase the ROI of their Digital Signage network. Manufacturers have always paid for their products to be showcased and promoted in stores. With digital signage, this takes the form of purchasing advertising space.

Navori QL software includes a module specifically for the sale of advertising space, enabling stores to create a media plan and guarantee a predetermined number of displays. With Navori Aquaji software, detailed reports are generated, including not only the number of times the advertisement is displayed by site and by screen but also the number and characteristics of those who have seen and looked at it.

From now on, advertisers will be able to assess the cost per contact with a very high degree of accuracy.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

What are the traps to avoid when installing and using screens? The size of the screens should vary according to the distance from which the audience can see the content. At a counter, a tablet is sufficient as the screen is very close to the customer. At a distance of under 5 metres, an LCD screen with brightness of 500 nits is sufficient provided a rectangular format with portrait and landscape displays is enough.

When the content displayed on the screens needs to be visible from further away, LED screens are the right solution. They are very bright, the screen is not necessarily square and they can cover a very large surface area. As every store and every site has different architecture and layouts, it makes sense to choose digital signage software such as Navori QL, which supports all types of screens and architecture.

Quality and Reliability are Paramount

Digital Signage software needs to be reliable. It is advisable to choose a reputable manufacturer with at least ten years’ experience, of over 500,000 screens deployed. Too often we see retail environments where screens are blank or showing error message, which immediately hurts your brand image and customer experience. Thus, it is very important to select a professional grade software that comes with technical support included.
The sequence of displays, in particular the transitions between different elements of content, should be invisible to the audience. If you pay attention, you will notice that in some stores the digital signage displays a blank screen for one or two seconds during every transition. On average, it will display 8,000 clips per day. That is a total 16,000 seconds, or 4 hours and 44 minutes, of blank screen every day. This will adversely affect the image of your store. Navori QL digital signage software offers invisible transitions between content elements, of broadcast quality.

Hardware architecture: SoC or external media player

In the retail sector, screens are often part of the décor, which creates complications for maintenance and replacement operations. In addition, screen manufacturers’ guarantees do not cover removal or labour. It is therefore advisable to opt for external media players, such as the StiX 3700, which can easily be replaced, without having to remove displays from the wall, in the event of a crash or upgrade.

However, if the budget is tight or the screen is easily accessible, an SoC (System on a Chip) display consisting of a screen with an integrated media player will be more affordable, allowing a saving of up to 48% on the hardware purchase. Ideally, you will give yourself the choice, by using digital signage software such as Navori QL, which supports all platforms, types and brands of screens and hardware architecture.

Respect for environmental standards.

In some European countries, there is a legal requirement that screens should be switched off when stores are closed. This type of provision will progressively extend to every country over time. It also enables the screens to have a longer life and the power used in their operation to be saved. Software such as Navori QL allows you to programme the times when the screens will be switched on and off depending on the days of the week. The mobile QL Manager application also allows staff to switch the screens on and off manually.

Frequently Asked questions

What is retail digital signage used for?

Retailers and brand owners use digital signage in many innovative ways.

  • Attract customers with attention-grabbing content.
  • Engage with powerful calls to action.
  • Promote slow moving and overstock items.
  • Explain product features on appliances, automobiles, high-end electronics and other complex products.
  • Create the right ambiance and entice customers (fashion and cosmetics).
  • Help decrease perceived wait times and promote impulse purchases at the cash register.
How do i know if retail digital signage is a good option for my business?

It’s a known fact that digital signage enhances the shopping experience and helps increase sales. Products and services advertised on digital screens experience higher sales lift when compared to other methods (printed flyers alone, for example).

What type of content can i use for retail digital signage?

Video and animated content can be a very powerful customer engagement tool. For example, how-to videos and in-use product demonstrations can assist sales staff in their work. Retail flyer ads can be repurposed to generate lift off a current sales campaign.

Where can retail digital signage be used?

Use retail digital signage displays in these locations for maximum impact:

  • Near or behind the check-out counters. This will help reduce dwell times and improve customer satisfaction. It’s also a great opportunity to promote impulse or tie-in items.
  • End of aisle (end-cap) mounted signs offer a great opportunity to promote advertised items or to cross-sell.
  • Position digital signage screens near change rooms to enhance your brand and motivate customers.
  • Exterior or pylon mounted LED boards or weatherproof high brightness displays can make a strong statement and help invite customers into your store. Announce in-store specials and promote events for more engagement.
  • Position a wayfinding kiosk near the store entrance to guide customers. Display current promotions and an attractor loop whenever the kiosk is not currently used.