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Improve the customer experience with Navori QL in-store digital signage. Deliver high-quality promotional content and call to action prompts to motivate shoppers and drive revenue at any retail store.


QL’s retail digital signage helps answer customer questions at the point of decision, and also improves customer satisfaction. Deploy QL Mobile to your sales team and turn digital displays into a powerful information tool at your retail stores. Using QL’s digital signage system, staff can use their smartphones or tablets to launch product videos and show product specifications right on the sales floor. This is a great feature for big-ticket items like appliances, high-end consumer electronics and automobile sales.

QL digital signage software turns any digital screen or LED signage board into an efficient sales and marketing tool.

Retailers know it’s important to deliver the right message at the right time. It’s how you turn browsers into customers. The Navori team understands even the most finely-crafted message risks being a lost opportunity if that message does not reach its intended audience. Digital signage solutions are extremely important in this respect, and it is where QL digital signage software comes into play.

  • Deliver time sensitive information like flyer promotions and special offers to any of your digital signs at any time.
  • Display accurate in store digital signage like pricing, and organize that retail signage geographically, by store type, by competitor activity, or by another criterion of your choice.
  • Replace your static point-of-purchase retail signage and save on printing, handling and shipping costs.
  • Control retail displays remotely. Dim your screens during off hours and holidays to extend their service life and save on your electrical bills. You can also control the sound, as well as reboot any device from your office.
  • Deploy the most modern and cost-effective interactive digital display technologies (powered by System-on-Chip) and save on installation and maintenance costs. Navori has a software version for most popular SoC display brands including Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony, and many others.
  • QL Analytics to track the way your promotions perform at your store. Match ad impressions to sales results and see which products performed best.
  • Let individual stores manage part of their digital signage programming with local ad insertions and in-store specials.

Product Features

Explore some of QL’s retail focused features.

  • The QL software platform can manage large display networks and complex content scenarios with ease so you can get your promotions out faster.

  • Content Manager is QL’s HTML5 user interface, and accessible to everyone. It has a small learning curve so your staff can be productive more quickly.

  • QL Server can be integrated with corporate databases, point-of-sale / inventory systems, and back-end services to automate content scheduling and ad delivery. Software developers can bypass the Content Manager using our well-documented APIs to automate any process, and control content programming using any business application.

  • Trigger and play any content stored in your QL library using our AI-powered smart content playback. Pick any data source and create rules that decide when and how long content should be shown. For example, trigger an instant promotion when an item is overstocked, or insert new products into your ad schedules without any human interaction.

  • QL also includes a powerful ad campaign management tool. Pick the number of ad impressions and QL’s custom algorithm inserts these items into your regular scheduling to match your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Retailers and brand owners use digital signage in many innovative ways.

  • Attract customers with attention-grabbing content.
  • Engage with powerful calls to action.
  • Promote slow moving and overstock items.
  • Explain product features on appliances, automobiles, high-end electronics and other complex products.
  • Create the right ambiance and entice customers (fashion and cosmetics).
  • Help decrease perceived wait times and promote impulse purchases at the cash register.

It’s a known fact that digital signage enhances the shopping experience and helps increase sales. Products and services advertised on digital screens experience higher sales lift when compared to other methods (printed flyers alone, for example).

Video and animated content can be a very powerful customer engagement tool. For example, how-to videos and in-use product demonstrations can assist sales staff in their work. Retail flyer ads can be repurposed to generate lift off a current sales campaign.

Use retail digital signage displays in these locations for maximum impact:

  • Near or behind the check-out counters. This will help reduce dwell times and improve customer satisfaction. It’s also a great opportunity to promote impulse or tie-in items.
  • End of aisle (end-cap) mounted signs offer a great opportunity to promote advertised items or to cross-sell.
  • Position digital signage screens near change rooms to enhance your brand and motivate customers.
  • Exterior or pylon mounted LED boards or weatherproof high brightness displays can make a strong statement and help invite customers into your store. Announce in-store specials and promote events for more engagement.
  • Position a wayfinding kiosk near the store entrance to guide customers. Display current promotions and an attractor loop whenever the kiosk is not currently used.

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