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NEC Digital Signage Software

28 May 2016

QL Player is certified on NEC OPS DRD digital signage displays with embedded Android player / System on Chip (Soc)

NEC OPS-DRD signage player comes with a true 1920*1080 pixels @50-60Hz, LAN and 802.11.b/g/n wireless. The display hardware is warrantied 36 months with global availability.

The following NEC digital sign models can be shipped with NEC OPS-DRD: NEC P403, P463, P553, P703, V323, V423, V463, V552, V652, V801, X401S, X462X and X552S displays.

This all in one hardware solution is shaped from the ground up for 24×7 operations on landscape and portrait modes.

QL Player is the first and sole native application available on this platform, granting the same level of performances than a Windows PC or external 2K Android player.




  • SEAMLESS: Concealed integration and simplified installation
  • POWERFUL: 8 Core GPU acceleration with Navori QL Player Android.
  • Resilient and reliable with industrial grade components rated for 24/7 operations.
  • Saving on energy expenditures thanks to an low power consumption
  • Self-monitoring through hardware watchdog and reboot

Turn your display into an all in one signage player featuring the most advanced playback capabilities.