Navori Labs Drives Immersive 8K Customer Experience in Bahrain Shopping Mall

Navori Labs Drives Immersive 8K Customer Experience in Bahrain Shopping Mall

Navori’s IPR software accelerates performance rendering for digital signage, keeps shoppers at Mall of Dilmunia engaged with panoramic 3D visual presentations

Navori Labs is driving a continuous immersive, 360-degree 3D experience on the Middle East largest 8K LED ceiling screen at Mall of Dilmunia in Bahrain. The complete digital out-of-home network, designed and integrated by Four Square Media, also includes Navori’s targeted advertising and content synchronization applications to deliver targeted 8K digital signage experiences everywhere.

The Navori QL digital signage network was launched in alignment with the mall’s April 2020 opening, entertaining shoppers with 8K content around the mall’s outdoor façade, entrances, elevators, and aquarium and entertainment areas including an ice rink. The core QL software integrates Navori’s Insane Performance Rendering (IPR) software to power all 8K content, including the massive 9×60-meter (29.5×196-foot) LED ceiling display. Navori’s IPR software can power and frame-accurately synchronize a full 8K wall, or up to four 4K screens (or 16 HD screens) from a single media player.

Advanced QL software application generate revenue and maximize audience exposure across all screens, while also providing insight into ad campaign successes. Ad insertions are often based on end user input, with meta tags redirecting ads to specific screens. This enables network operators to meet targets around number of impressions, and specify the number of advertisements that will play in sequence. Navori’s advanced monitoring and analytics platform also generates detailed reports to measure successes and validate performance with network operators and advertisers.

The network also includes 60 Navori QL Players, with the ability to target different zones or play the same content across many or all screens. When the same content plays out on more than one screen, each player’s clock is synchronized with the core QL server down to 1/20th a second. Four Square Media used the same application to synchronize audio from the digital signage content to the mall’s public address system as needed.

According to Jaideep Narindra, Founder and CEO at Four Square Media, Mall of Dilmunia’s size and layout, and emphasis on enhancing the shopper’s visual experience, required extensive customization to ensure a successful network deployment.

“The majority of the displays were built with massive LEDs and resolutions to maximize impact, while each screen displaying 8K content to ensuring the best image quality content playback,” said Narindra. “They also wanted a way to manage and monitor all advertising campaigns in a structured way, with proof-of-play reporting and fair-play algorithms for advertiser validation. Navori Labs offered an outstanding level of support, offering quick and diligent technical support to meet all performance requirements. Their expertise helped us deliver a demanding digital out-of-home network solution with relative ease, given the advanced 8K content and targeted advertising applications.”

About mall of Dilmunia

Mall of Dilmunia, developed by Dilmunia Mall Development Company, has been designed to transform and redefine the traditional shopping experience in the Kingdom of Bahrain by providing a one-stop destination for shopping and entertainment. With its stylish architecture and verdant landscaping, The Mall is situated adjacent the 1.7 km Canal. The Canal will emerge as a focal point that brings together the public promenades and walkways, water features and fountains, and the main event plazas. The Mall is also home to the FUNSCAPE WORLD – complete with a children’s play arena, ice-skating rink, and climbing walls with rope course and two soccer pitches. Mall of Dilmunia also features The Bahrain Aquarium, the Kingdoms first cylindrical Aquarium in a shopping mall, spanning 17 meters in depth spanning over four floors, which accommodates over 2,500 aquatic animals and more than 80 different species…. a true spectacle for visitors and residents.

About four square media

Four Square was founded in the year 2014 with the aim of providing businesses with a dynamic digital solution in keeping up with global trends. Over the years, the company has gone from strength to strength and is proud to cater to most of the businesses across the Middle East region.