Using the Navori QL Digital Signage to amplify fan engagement in stadium and arena

Using the Navori QL Digital Signage to amplify fan engagement in stadium and arena

MONTREAL, November 29, 2016 – Fan engagement for sports and live events continues to grow at the Bell Centre in Montreal, where a Navori QL Professional digital signage software powers dynamic video, animations, graphics and rich data to hundreds of displays around the venue.

Wayfinding displays at Bell Centre Stadium powered by Navori QL software

A flexible digital signage solution that supports multiple uses

From its initial deployment, the highly scalable, self-hosted QL Professional digital signage software has rapidly expanded to a network of hundreds of media players, creating a fully digital experience for visitors. This digital display network supports content at resolutions up to 4K – as well as targeted advertising from sponsors – across concourse displays, digital menu boards, and video walls for experiential signage. The Navori QL solution also supports a massive LCD display at the main venue entrance. QL’s flexible multi-user architecture lets the Bell Centre team create, manage and schedule content both inside the venue, and from remote offices with ease. QL has effectively become the backbone of the arena’s digital signage system.

Bell Centre Stadium staff programming digital signage content using Navori QL Software

The flexibility of QL Professional, Navori’s flagship enterprise solution, also gives the Bell Centre team the freedom to select an appropriate mix of media players to support all the stadium’s digital signage needs. Content can be synchronized across many screens for important messages, or targeted down to specific displays. To keep fans in the game, announcements flash across digital displays around concession stands whenever a goal is scored. Content is triggered on demand to keep fans informed when they leave their seats and wayfinding content is shown in strategic areas to help guide visitors around the venue. Relevant advertising content is also managed through the QL software platform and detailed playback reports can be generated and shared with ad agencies and brand owners.

Montreal’s Bell Centre Stadium features twin displays and digital menu boards powered by Navori QL software


Multiple hardware platforms supported

The current architecture relies on a mix of Windows and Android players, which Bell Centre staff can select depending on the type of content being disseminated. This flexibility in player hardware choices also helps Bell Centre manage its costs as its digital signage network expands. The ability to customize QL to support advanced audio and data needs has also provided exceptional value – not to mention its reliability in scheduling and disseminating advertising content to accelerate Bell Centre’s return on investment. They also provide exceptional support, both from their North American office in Montreal, as well as their Switzerland headquarters.

Montreal’s Bell Centre features dual ceiling-mounted displays powered by Navori QL software