Navori QL Manager Mobile specifically designed for non-desk employees

Updated on : 13 April 2021
Published on : 30 September 2019

Navori QL Mobile is an app specifically designed for non-desk employees.  This software product lets remote staff interact with a company’s digital signage display network in real-time using any smartphone or tablet.  Apple iOS and Android are supported.

QL Mobile lets staff perform a range of tasks while they are out in the field:

  • Access any QL Player hosted content and playlist on their player.
  • Trigger any content in real-time.
  • Create playlists on-the-fly.
  • QL Mobile provides complete control over content playback, on-demand.

Here are a few examples…

  • Program content to play only once, or play content until a specific time (say, until midnight…)
  • Release any previously triggered content and return to normal programming.
  • Push content updates to any screen on-demand.
  • Trigger individual media or playlists that contain multiple items (images, videos, templates…).
  • Turn displays on or off.
  • Modify the audio level, or mute the audio altogether.

Applications: Quick Service and casual restaurants, retail stores, gyms and fitness centres     

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