ELO interactive digital signage tablets

QL Player for ELO touchscreen signage

QL Player for ELO is a high-performance digital signage software specifically designed for ELO Touch Solution’s Android-powered touchscreens. ELO Touch displays powered by Microsoft Windows use QL Player for Windows.


QL Player for ELO is very easy to install. You’ll be up and running in minutes. The software is compatible with every QL feature so you can easily manage mixed hardware networks from a single CMS interface. This can be extremely useful for digital signage network operators and businesses who rely on different media player hardware.

Use QL Mobile to update and modify the content shown on your ELO interactive displays. With QL Mobile, anyone can control local screens using their smartphone or tablet.

This is an ideal solution for quick service restaurants and retail stores. Staff can trigger content on-demand for in-store customer demonstrations. Restaurant staff can edit their local menu information right from their smartphone. No more waiting for the head-office staff to respond.


Benefit from a professional-grade digital signage solution that is highly reliable and scalable. With over 800 features and global support, it’s no wonder QL runs some of the world’s largest digital signage networks.

There is a QL version for every type of business. QL Cloud is managed and hosted by Navori Labs. This option requires no major upfront investment and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

QL on-premise delivers total control and security with permanent software licenses you buy for each endpoint. Install QL Server on your own in-house hardware, or on a hosted virtual server like Azure or AWS.

See what our proprietary Elo media player can do for your business by trying our software for free!

About ELO interactive tablets and screens

ELO Touch Systems is a pioneer in interactive digital signage displays. The company has over 400 patents and the broadest touch technology portfolio in the industry. ELO interactive displays and their touch solutions are in use around the world. The company’s Elo technology is used in most point-of-sale, healthcare, corporate signage and kiosk applications worldwide.

What does QL Player for ELO offer?

QL Player is compatible with ELO interactive displays that run on Android and Windows operating systems. ELO touch solutions, touch technology products, and other devices running QL Player can benefit any business by using our CMS features. QL Player is fully interoperable with our other software versions. All QL Player versions share the same features simplifying mixed hardware deployments.

Supported QL player software features

Product Elo Tablet I-series
Easy installation – less than 3 minute
Native playback resolution 4K
Pixel perfect for led displays
Certified on QL express
Certified on QL professional
Advanced monitoring and analytics
Sophisticated template rendering – multi-zone, multi-object
Supports template in template
Real-time data feeds
QL mobile CMS
Rule-based playback and triggers
Cross-player content synchronization
Screen control on/off
Remote player software setup, diagnostic, reboot and reset
Remote os / firmware upgrade/downgrade
Supports portrait orientation
Aquaji Analytics – support for context aware automation and audience analytics


Why rely on QL Player for Elo digital signage?

Manage mixed hardware environments from a single digital signage user interface.

Since you only need to train users on a single UI, you get your teams up and running faster.

It’s easier and less expensive to support a single CMS platform.

Push content to any device with confidence and benefit from a unified experience.

QL Player for ELO Android is a native software that delivers the best possible performance on ELO touchscreens and interactive displays. Enjoy smooth content playback, rich media and live data support on all your ELO digital signage screens.

Take advantage of QL’s advanced AI capabilities to automate your content delivery on any interactive touchscreen. Easily trigger content based on real-time data-driven events (current weather observations, inventory levels, KPI data and many other sources).

QL Player for ELO Android is specifically designed for digital screens that run on Android OS.

QL Player for Windows is designed for PC devices that run on Windows 10 OS.

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Supported content

Media type Format specification Elo tablet
Image Png, Jpg, Bmp, Gif
Video MPEG 4, MPEG 2
HEVC (H.265)
Html HTML Connected URL
HTML Download and Play
PowerPoint PPT and PPTX native
Acrobat PDF
Template Image, Video and data feed
Template in template
Streaming Http
Video input Live video media from HDMI input