LG Digital Signage Software Platform

QL Player for LG WebOS SoC

QL Player is specially designed, and globally certified for LG digital signage (SoC) screens running on WebOS version 3 and 4.

People who choose to upgrade their LG WebOS screens to QL Player will gain access to our software’s unique suite of features. They will also retain all of LG’s WebOS screen attributes, which is very important. Upgrading your LG media player software to QL Player is painless. Installation requires less than a minute and you are ready to go.

You’re ready to publish content to your LG WebOS screens using QL’s intuitive Content Manager. This is a HTML5 app you access from any PC or Mac. Content Manager is easy to use so there is no complicated training required. It gives you access to QL’s entire suite of professional digital signage tools and features so you can level-up your game.

You’ll be creating attention-grabbing templates and news tickers in no time.

About LG WebOS signage

LG WebOS is a web-based multipurpose platform based on a high-performance System-on-Chip (SoC) architecture. It allows easy integration and expansion with intuitive UX and various value-added solutions.


What does Navori QL Player for LG WebOS offer?

QL Player is certified for LG Smart Signage WebOS smart screens.
Switching to QL Player for LG is quick and easy. Simply enter your QL Server URL, activate your license, and you are done! Navori QL Player is different from other digital signage products, such as the LG display software. Our software is built on native code which is why it performs better and is more reliable than other software media players. QL is also superior to LG’s own player software because it gives you access to many professional digital signage features that aren’t available out of the box.

Why switch to QL Player for LG?

QL Player for LG display software is a native application created specifically for WebOS. Our software delivers exceptional performance on a wide range of LG SoC screens so you get consistent results regardless of the device running the show.

When you switch to QL from LG media player software, you gain access to more than 800 features. You get a powerful content management system, smart content playback, and multi-player content synchronization. QL lets you deliver optimized content on any screen regardless of its size or orientation.

Supported QL player software features

Product LG WebOS 4
Easy installation – less than 1 minute
Native playback resolution Full HD
Pixel perfect for led displays
Certified on QL express
Certified on QL professional
Advanced monitoring and analytics
Sophisticated template rendering – multi-zone, multi-object
Supports template in template with videos
Real-time data feeds
Ql mobile CMS
Rule-based playback and triggers
Cross-player content synchronization
Screen control on/off
Remote player software setup, diagnostic, reboot and reset
Remote os / firmware upgrade/downgrade
Supports portrait orientation
Aquaji Analytics – support for context aware automation and audience analytics


The QL advantage

QL Player for LG media player software can be deployed in mixed hardware environments and managed through our unified user interface. It doesn’t matter if your network includes Windows PCs, Android devices or different brands of System-on-Chip screens. QL simplifies staff training, software maintenance and updates. Your staff gets the same experience regardless of the device or operating system behind the device.

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Consistency is key

QL supports multiple generations of LG WebOS-powered screens. This is important because you can manage all these devices on our unified software platform. Since you have the same software installed on all your devices, your screens will share the same features. Delivering a consistent experience across multiple devices is extremely important for digital signage network operators and ad agencies. Creative and administrative staff no longer need to track which devices they are publishing to, since we’re delivering a unified experience across every screen. It no longer matters if there is a PC, Android device or SoC screen running the show.

With QL, you get predictability and peace of mind.

What about interactive applications?

Multi-touch enabled LG SoC screens retain all their capabilities while running QL Player. In fact, QL supports interactive content such as HTML / HTML5 in our Content Manager. It’s really easy to manage, schedule, and deliver your interactive content regardless of the number of screens you manage.

QL also offers its own interactive app called Spy. This background app monitors all screen interactivity. With a simple touch, QL Player quickly switches between digital advertising and interactive applications. After a preset period of inactivity, QL Player returns to the foreground to resume its advertising mode as Spy waits for the next interaction.
QL fully supports the LG WebOS multi-touch experience so you can deliver more engaging content to all your LG screens. QL helps you run reliable and responsive wayfinding, building directories or information kiosks on LG WebOS hardware.

Supported content

Media type Format specification LG WebOS
Image Png, Jpg, Bmp, Gif
Video MPEG 4, MPEG 2
HEVC (H.265)
Html HTML Connected URL
HTML Download and Play
PowerPoint PPT and PPTX native
Acrobat PDF
Template Image, Video and data feed
Template in template
Streaming Http
Video input Live video media from HDMI input