Digital Signage Solutions for LG

QL Player for LG WebOS SoC

QL Player is an LG digital signage solution specially designed and globally certified for any LG SoC digital display running WebOS version 3 and 4.

About LG WebOS Smart Signage platform

LG WebOS is a web-based multipurpose platform based on a high-performance System-on-Chip (SoC) architecture. It allows easy integration and expansion with intuitive UX and various value-added solutions.

What does Navori QL Player for LG WebOS offer?

QL Player is certified for LG Smart Signage WebOS displays. Navori QL supports LG’s SNMP features for remote monitoring and diagnosis.

Switching to QL Player for WebOS is quick and easy.

Download the QL Player software for your business

Run the WebOS compatible APK on any screen

Once your LG Electronics Smart Signage display software is registered, you are good to go!

Navori QL Player is different than other digital signage software for LG WebOS as it is built on native code which explains why it performs better and is more reliable.

What are the advantages of using QL Player?

QL Player for LG is a professional grade, native digital signage for LG WebOS that delivers exceptional performance on a wide variety of LG SoC displays. Our software supports every QL feature (800+) including a full content management system, smart content playback, and multi-player content synchronization on any screen size.

QL Player can be deployed in mixed hardware environments and managed through a unified user interface simplifying user training, maintenance and updates. Users get the same experience regardless of the device, screen size or operating system controlling the display.

Multi-touch enabled LG SoC displays retain their capabilities while running under QL Player. In fact, QL supports interactive content such as HTML / HTML5 via the QL Content Manager user interface. With a simple touch, QL Player can easily switch between digital advertising and interactive applications for wayfinding, building directories or information kiosks.

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Software Features

QL Player featureLG WebOS version 3 – 4LG WebOS version 3
Easy setup, less than 1 minute
Native playback resolution1920*1080 pixels1920*1080 pixels
Portrait orientation
Pixel perfect for LED displays
Display control Screen on/off
Full featured QL player software
Sophisticated templates multi-zone, multi-object
Mobile control
Smart content automation
Multi-player synchronization
Remote player software upgrade
Remote OS upgrade / downgrade
Remote display control and monitoring

Technical Requirements

Operating SystemLG WebOS 3.0LG WebOS 4.0
CPUARM Quad CoreARM Quad Core
NetworkingHTTPS any portHTTPS any port