Digital Signage for Banks and Finance

Deliver an exceptional in-branch experience through quality digital signage for banks that informs, entertains and engages customers.

QL benefits for Banking

QL software delivers engaging digital signage for banks on any display, anywhere. From the smallest touch-enabled tablet to the largest video walls, QL’s digital signage software can handle it all.

Navori QL’s digital signage for banks helps banking institutions to:

  • Promote their banking brand with high impact media
  • Introduce new financial products and services to customers
  • Promote existing banking products and customer loyalty programs
  • Engage banking customers with live financial data (currency rates, stock prices…)
  • Improve each customer’s experience by:
    • Reducing perceived wait times with current weather and news
    • Directing customers to the right employee or service
  • Deliver up-to-date information and training content to bank employees
  • Support any hardware/OS platform for total flexibility and cost savings
  • Secure personal and financial bank data
  • Lower maintenance costs with a stable and scalable digital signage platform

The QL CMS server can be installed on-premise or hosted on the Navori SaaS. Navori being a Swiss company, you can rest assured its software is engineered with security in mind. For example, Navori Labs retains the services of a third-party security firm to perform regular, ongoing testing to ensure its digital software is appropriate for sensitive applications such as those found in the banking industry.

Product Features

Navori QL offers many features that are uniquely attractive to banks and financial institutions:

  • Highly reliable digital signage software designed for 24 x 7 x 365 operation

  • QL is capable of rendering 8K media for ultra high resolution applications such as large scale video walls and LED billboards for bank lobby signage and other areas.

  • Easily deploy rich dynamic content, modern layouts and live data feeds with no coding required

  • A friendly user-interface that is extremely easy to use and learn

  • Support for Active Directory and ADFS user authentication right out of the box for easy integration of SSO

  • Trigger or publish media based on real-time events or external data, such as:

• Lending or currency rate changes
• Bank loyalty programs
• Announcements – employee or customer facing

  • Display synchronized information across multiple screens

  • Create high-impact content for any display configuration (single, multiple, portrait, landscape, etc.)

  • Drive customer engagement with touch-enabled bank lobby signs and displays, kiosks and other interactive content

  • Manage digital signage content globally or locally:

• Choose which information to display in all locations, and direct content is meant for specific branches
• Display relevant information based on each screen’s location within each branch

  • Set user access levels and rights profiles based on each users responsibilities (such as administrator, content manager, data editor, and others)

  • QL Player is 100% interoperable and available for multiple platforms including Windows, Android, BrightSign, and System-on-Chip displays from many well-known brands including Samsung, LG and Philips. Mixed-platform environments are supported for added flexibility.

  • Navori QL uses industry leading technologies such as Windows Server and SQL Server. Microsoft Azure is also supported, as is load-balancing and failover cluster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Banks and financial institutions mainly use digital signage to advertise new products and communicate with their customers. They also use interactive touch screens for wayfinding and to provide helpful info and a better experience for customers.

Do you currently use static, printed posters or other similar materials in your organization? Then you are a good candidate for digital signage! Upgrade to dynamic, digital signage to improve your customer experience, enhance your business communications and help reduce the time and effort needed to make changes to your messaging.

Banks have access to a range of digital media including video ads originally created for TV, or repurposed website data and information for distribution on digital signage displays. Presentations can also be shown in private customer meetings. Essentially, any current multimedia digital content can be used, whether it’s existing or original content.

Banks have many locations to choose from, such as:

  • Touch screen kiosks in lobbies for wayfinding and information centers.
  • Video walls and single displays near cashier stations and in entranceways
  • Displays can be installed near ATMs for an additional branding / advertising option.
  • Displays in meeting rooms can be used for a branding opportunity when not used in a meeting context.

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