In hospitals or clinics digital signage solutions are a great fit for those organizations that are looking to improve their communication and keep its guests informed and entertained. It is an ideal tool in waiting rooms, lobbies, restaurants and to communicate important health issues to the community.
Digital signage can engage and interact with patients, inviting those to self-check-in kiosks, direct and inform patients freeing up staff time. Touch displays can easily provide support throughout the care facility with way finding solutions. Alternatively, certain content can be useful for employee communication, to keep the facility staff up to date with upcoming events, internal news and department highlights.

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We provide all in one tech solution for the complex needs of the digital signage industry.

With QL Server SDK and QL Player API, personalize and add-value to your signage system.

Navori provides dedicated training and consultancy. Our experience is deployments helps to secure processes and time frame.

Navori supports QL either from your territory, speaking your language and sharing your time zone or globally for international deployments.