Digital Signage for Restaurant Menu Boards

Improve your restaurant’s profitability with Navori QL powered digital menu boards.


QSR restaurants operate in a fiercely competitive market. It’s why digital menu boards have become so important. Brightly lit digital signage displays help promote menu items and special offers to walk-in customers. Weatherproof LED boards installed at the drive-thru entrance inspire with mouth-watering images and enticing videos. Isn’t it time to upgrade your customer experience with Navori QL?

Let QL be the backbone of your digital menu board network. Restaurants will see these benefits:

  • Adapt your offerings and rotate menus based on the time of day, special events, or holidays.
  • Update your menus to comply with healthcare/government regulations.
  • Implement calls-to-action and promote lesser known and slow moving menu items to boost sales.
  • Update menu pricing, items, and descriptions directly from your point-of-sale/inventory system or from your desktop PC/mobile device (smartphone, tablet).
  • Individual stores and smaller restaurants can use QL Server data feeds for dynamic menu information and pricing updates.
  • Reduce perceived wait times and engage customers with attractive video and dynamic content based on external data (weather, news, traffic, social media…).
  • Manage customer orders, display pick-up notifications, and other real-time information to improve performance.
  • Create instant promotions to quickly react to market changes and competitor’s activities.
  • National chains can deliver personalized menus to each location based on a universal layout. Easily manage content nationally, regionally, and locally.
  • Personalize the drive-thru experience with suggested add-on items based on live orders.

Product Features

Simple, reliable, and efficient - those are the key elements behind digital signage. Restaurants shouldn’t be concerned with the technology driving their digital displays.

  • Let your point-of-sale system or inventory system update your digital menu content without any user interaction. QL can synchronize data from any external source.

  • Trigger on-demand content at the drive-thru and drive more revenue using QL’s smart content automation. Trigger any content based on incoming orders. Use this feature to upsell and cross-sell right at the point of decision.

  • Use QL Template Designer to quickly build custom menu board layouts and display multiple types of content simultaneously. Overlay live data on top of any content to create menus that grab attention and drive sales.

  • Manage multiple display configurations from a single platform (up to 12 displays can be driven from a single PC). QL supports single displays, multi-display menu boards, video walls of any size, LED boards for large format displays both indoors and outdoors in any orientation.

  • Organize your media players by country, state/province, city or any criteria of your choice. Publish content and data updates to all locations, specific groups or individual players as needed.

  • QL includes a powerful user management system. Administrators control what authorized staff members can see and what tasks they can perform based on their user profile.

  • Pick the right version for your organization. QL is available in on-premise and Cloud versions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Restaurants use digital signage to advertise products and services, display dynamic menu boards, promote slow moving items and cross-sell products both in store and at the drive-through. Employee-facing signage displays are also used for employee training, new product introductions and to update employee procedures.

Industry results have shown every restaurant can benefit from dynamic digital signage. Locations that install digital menu boards and other types of displays record sales lifts compared to static menu signage and printed posters. Research has shown increased customer engagement and a more memorable dining experience when compared to locations that don’t use digital signage.

Digital signage can do more than just display digital menu board content. For example, you can show videos and animated content to complement your menus and provide a more entertaining experience for your guests. In certain types of locations, infotainment such as social media, news, weather, and sports scores can also be useful. This would be the case for sports bars, breakfast restaurants, and similar locations.

Digital signage for restaurants can be used in many locations:

  • Displays at the store entrance greet customers and promote specific items.
  • Digital menu board displays installed behind the order counter to inform customers. Provide ingredient lists, calorie counts, and other useful information, so customers can make healthy choices.
  • Displays in kitchens and common areas can provide useful information, such as online learning, HR news, and new product information.
  • Exterior and pylon LED boards advertise current promotions and announcements.
  • Drive-thru LED boards display menus and assist in the order-taking process. Orders are shown in real-time with cross-selling.

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