Restaurants use Digital Menu Boards to effortlessly edit and automate content based on time, season & audience

Quick Service Restaurants use digital menu boards to promote menu items and special offers indoor and at the drive-thru entrance. Isn’t it time to upgrade your customer experience with Navori QL?

Why are Quick Service Restaurants are using digital menu boards?

Unlike traditional restaurants, at a quick service restaurant (QSR) customers place their orders before being seated or finding a table. In this situation, the digital menu board comes into play right from the moment that the customer enters the restaurant.

These restaurants offer indoor and, often, drive-through service. In either case, the digital menu board guides the customer’s choice. The content displayed should make the products appear attractive and delicious while also encouraging upsells and the latest promotions

In recent years, restaurants have switched from displaying menus printed on boards to using screens, which are far more versatile. Their content is more engaging and, because it is dynamic, it is now possible to display more products and photos and make them more attractive. Just as important is the speed and efficiency with which content changes can be made.

More on how digital display works for restaurants

Simple, reliable, and efficient – those are the key elements behind digital signage. Restaurants shouldn’t be concerned with the technology driving their digital displays.

Simplify your business

As innovation should make life simpler for staff, restaurants want digital menu boards to manage themselves automatically, with intervention by staff as the exception rather than the rule.

Automated dayparting

Automation starts with dayparting, i.e. the digital signage software displays content adjusted based on time of day, such as breakfast in the morning, sandwiches and salads at lunchtime, and full meals at dinner time. Restaurants have more space to present and highlight certain products depending on the situation.

POS and ERP data integration

Digital signage software is often connected to a restaurant’s stock and cash register management software. It collects the list of menus, their features, and stock levels and updates them in real time. When a product is no longer available, its on-screen display is deactivated.

Employee interaction using a smart phone

If necessary, staff use Navori QL mobile manager to control the digital menu board. They can switch the screens on or off or create and display programs or menus directly on site, and take photos.

Integrate take-away operations

If the restaurant takes orders online or via interactive terminals, QL digital signage software displays the list of orders in preparation and informs customers when their meals are available.

Improve your business with computer vision analytics

Navori offers Aquaji computer vision software for indoor and drive-through restaurant applications. Aquaji uses a camera to track customers waiting to order. While preserving 100% anonymity, in indoor applications Aquaji provides the manager with statistics such as average waiting time, number of individual customers, age and gender. These KPIs enable the restaurant to improve allocation of human resources by the time of day or day of the week, to optimize the visitor experience. For drive-through, Aquaji can read registration plates and customize products displayed on the menu board in the light of order history.

It is this combination of versatility, automation and showcasing of products which explains why restaurants make so much use digital signage and digital menu boards. Navori QL is used by leading fast-food and traditional restaurant chains, both inside the restaurant and for drive-thru.

Frequently Asked questions

What is restaurant digital signage used for?

Restaurants use digital signage to advertise products and services, display dynamic menu boards, promote slow moving items and cross-sell products both in store and at the drive-through. Employee-facing signage displays are also used for employee training, new product introductions and to update employee procedures.

How do i know if restaurant digital signage is a good option for my business?

Industry results have shown every restaurant can benefit from dynamic digital signage. Locations that install digital menu boards and other types of displays record sales lifts compared to static menu signage and printed posters. Research has shown increased customer engagement and a more memorable dining experience when compared to locations that don’t use digital signage.

What kind of content can i use for restaurant digital signage?

Digital signage can do more than just display digital menu board content. For example, you can show videos and animated content to complement your menus and provide a more entertaining experience for your guests. In certain types of locations, infotainment such as social media, news, weather, and sports scores can also be useful. This would be the case for sports bars, breakfast restaurants, and similar locations.

Where can restaurant digital signage be used?

Digital signage for restaurants can be used in many locations:

  • Displays at the store entrance greet customers and promote specific items.
  • Digital menu board displays installed behind the order counter to inform customers. Provide ingredient lists, calorie counts, and other useful information, so customers can make healthy choices.
  • Displays in kitchens and common areas can provide useful information, such as online learning, HR news, and new product information.
  • Exterior and pylon LED boards advertise current promotions and announcements.
  • Drive-thru LED boards display menus and assist in the order-taking process. Orders are shown in real-time with cross-selling.