Transportation Signage

Inform, entertain and guide travelers around the world while they move towards their destination with QL's digital signage for transportation.


Digital signage is a common sight in transit, from airport waiting areas to train stations to bus shelters and beyond. Strategically-located displays enable your transit signage system to inform and entertain the public, minimize wait times, and enhance the overall travelers experience. With QL’s digital signs, display time-critical content on any transit system, including flight information displays, train status information, or bus line statuses in shelters.

The QL digital signage software platform enhances the passenger’s transit experience for any type of transportation. Digital displays installed in airports, bus shelters and railway stations guide passengers and commuters more efficiently.

  • Inform travelers in transit of arrival and departure times while they wait.
  • Send out notifications to the public whenever there are transportation delays or cancellations.
  • Deliver alternative route notices and cancellations to the public in real-time, across any industry.
  • Trigger transportation emergency alerts from automated systems or mobile devices.
  • Show updated baggage claim status, gate information and travel promotions on targeted displays.
  • Deploy wayfinding and information kiosks to help travelers find their way around busy airports or rail stations.
  • Reduce perceived wait times by showing infotainment content to the public, including news, weather, trivia, sports and more. Your digital sign is your canvas!
  • Mobile displays installed in buses, subway cars, taxis and trains can also provide onboard entertainment and trip progress information such as time to destination.
  • Trigger content or advertising based on GPS location in moving vehicles. Ads automatically adapt to the vehicle’s location to run pre-selected products.
  • Run Digital-out-of-Home (DOOH) campaigns and generate advertising revenues. Tailor your ads to any location, demographic or industry.

Product Features

The QL digital signage platform has all the features your team needs to keep travelers informed and entertained during their time in transit.

  • Digital signs are suitable for critical transportation requirements across industry, whether your clients travel by rail, by air or by bus. Reliable 24 / 7 / 365

  • Deliver content to any sign, including tablets, interactive touch screens, kiosks, multi-screen displays and video walls. QL Player is available for Windows and Android products, Navori’s own QL Stix device, and several popular System-on-Chip displays.

  • Pick the QL Server version that fits your budget and IT requirements. QL is available as an on-premise or cloud solution. QL Cloud is operated and supported by Navori’s own software engineers for maximum reliability and efficiency at any time of day or night.

  • Full featured server API for easy integration of your digital signs with third-party systems.

  • QL Player can communicate to the public using 3G / 4G / LTE connections for devices installed in buses, subway cars, taxis and other vehicles around the world.

  • Cross-platform content synchronization ensures all your screens display the exact same content simultaneously for a more pleasing visual experience, better meeting customer needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Display constantly updated information to keep travelers and passengers in transit entertained, informed and secure. Direct the flow of traffic in busy environments so everyone gets to their destination quickly and efficiently.

Digital signage helps improve the travel experience, which leads to increased rider satisfaction. Enjoy repeat business and happier passengers overall. You also benefit from increased ad revenue from the digital signs you deploy.

Publish news and infotainment to the public during transit, updated in real-time. Think of current news, weather observations and forecasts, info about local restaurants, entertainment venues, and local services. Travelers need information and ads that are relevant to their location when using a transportation network, and QL’s suite of products and digital signs make that possible, no matter the specific transportation industry. From rail passengers to frequent flyers, our digital signs help you keep your clients in transit happy while maximizing your bottom line.

Digital signs can be deployed in all kinds of public spaces. Design an informative and entertaining transit experience by including your digital signs in waiting areas, halls, and food concession zones (like in an airport or train station). Mobile displays are installed in vehicles such as taxis, buses, airport and hotel shuttles, subway and railway cars.

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