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Digital signage operates in public transportation such as taxi, bus, train, coach, subway and cruising through public display systems . By extension, digital signage includes waiting and boarding areas, railway stations and airports.   Displays are used to inform and entertain passengers, minimizing the perceived transportation time and enhancing travel experience. The content displayed can be informative for instance FIDS including trip information such as current location, next train or infotainment related such as location based information and advertising.

Benefits in using digital signage for the transportation industry:
•    Guide travelers and commuters more efficiently throughout terminals
•    Inform in real time for arrivals and departures and special events
•    On board entertainment and trip progress information
•    Trigger content or advertising based on GPS location
•    Generate advertising revenues / DOOH campaigns

Digital signs, whether interactive or not, are integrated in transportation areas and vehicles. It is more convenience for commuters and travelers and can save streamline their experience.

Waiting areas at concourses are full every day; large format displays can rotate announcements and advertising, as well as entertain travelers with news headlines, weather, sport updates or any other sort of data.

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    Generate additional value while messaging travelers.


    Keep passengers up-to-date with relevant news at all times.

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